Posted: 12/20/2014
Title: CRISIS OVER....NOT !!


Today is the big day, THe FIFA CLUB WORLD CUP FINAL: Real Madrid v San Lorenzo !! are you going down to the pub to watch with your mates or watching at home?'s not being shown.

With the champions of all the Confederations plus the champion of the home nation-Morocco Moghreb Totouan.. it's not exactly a major event that is exciting the fans. Auckland CITY will face Cruz Azul for 3rd/4th place while later Real Madrid will probably lift the trophy for the very first time against San Lorenzo at Le Grande Stade de Marrakech. With torrential rain ruining early matches in Rabat, the tournament was switched to the new stadium in Marrakesh. They have been training at the old stadium Stade El Harti where I watched a league match with home team Kawkab Marrakech a few years ago, before taking THE MARRAKESH EXPRESS up to Fez for another national league match.


Of course the big world news yesterday was US President Obama's press conference announcing that North Korea was behind the unlawful attack on Sony Pictures, preventing the screening of THE INTERVIEW. It is also correct for me to announce that the movie UNITED PASSIONS about the history of FIFA and its good will to all men has NOT been hacked by the North just bombed at the box officafter its rellease in May. The $19 million epic was funded to the tune of $16 million by FIFA and starred Gerard Depardieu, that hack of an actor, as Jules Rimet, third President of FIFA and responsible for starting the very first World Cup in Uruguay in 1930.

One of my favourite actors TIM ROTH played Blatter and SAM NEILL played Joao Havelange. Released a few months ago it took in about $200.000 world wide and that was that !!

THE TWO DAY FIFA EXCO meeting at the luxury LA MAMOUNIA HOTEL.. deals starting at $725.00 a night... had much on its plate including the decision to release a redacted version of Michael Garcia's 430 page report on the bidding for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups. NOT RIGHT NOW THOUGH, until the confidentiality of those 75 plus witnesses interviewed had been hidden AND action taken against those incriminated.... two days after Garcia resigned.

. Half the 22 EXCO members who voted for the two upcoming World Cups had resigned in disgrace or died. Investigations have been opened against currect EXCO members Angel Maria Villar Llona of Spain.. a real dodgy guy, Michel D'Hooghe of Belgium and the much blemished Worawi Makudi of Thailand, PLUS former EXCO Franz Beckenbauer, who had originally refused to cooperate. On Thursday Al media were turfed out of the hotel by security on the orders of yet another dodgy EXCO, ISSA HAYATOU the 68 year old Cameroonian who has been president of CAF for 26 years. BBC TV had been asking difficult questions. However ARD the German TV company who exposed the doping scandal about Russian athletes is to broadcast what might be a sensational expose of KAISER FRANZ.

BLATTER, who has announced that he will run for yet another Presidential term at the FIFA Congress in May 2015 and does not face a term limit or age barrier has been told by the IOC that he will have to stand down from his Olympic seat of power when he reaches the age of 80 in just over a year.

SOME POSITIVE news yeaterday. At the moment FIFA referees have to step down at the age of 45. New rules state that after that age they may continue after a thorough annual medical and other checks. FIFA has also brought in a ban on third party ownership of players, which will have huge ramifications in Portugal, Spain and Latin America....ABOUT TIME !!!

SWITZERLAND has brought in new rules concerning the secrecy of world bodies headquartered there including the IOC, FIFA and the World Cycling Union--Union Cycliste International. ALSO, don't forget that the FBI is still pursuing criminal action against FIFA and former FIFA officers.