Posted: 11/17/2014


ROME used to be a Republic, even though it was based on slavery, but after JULIUS CAESAR became a virtual dictator he was assassinated in the Theatre of Pompey in 44 BC. A soothsayer called SPURINNA warned him about the Ides of March, which was actually a New Year celebration in the old calendar.

However, against that advice, he did show up and was surrounded by up to 60 senators and he received about 40 stab wounds and died. 'ET TU BRUTUS' he is reported to have said as his friends Brutus and Cassius used their daggers. It was hoped that Rome would return to a Republic BUT it suffered a dictatorship for the next 500 plus years.

We now have SEPP BLATTER (or MR. BLADDER )as he was called during the FIFA World Cup draw in Las Vegas in November 1993 by host ROBIN WILLIAMS. I recently heard the joke about how if it was technically possible to land a camera on a comet speeding at 40,000 miles an hour, then it should be possible to land the FIFA President on a comet, in a galaxy far, far away.!!! BRILLIANT...who would you suggest sending with him???

I am not suggesting daggers and violence, but maybe at the next FIFA convention 60 delegates might unload custard pies !!! HOW LOW CAN FIFA's REPUTATION DESCEND TO after the comedy of the report of the 2018-2022 bidding process and the announcement that Blatter intended to run again for a fifth term as FIFA President.

We now have American attorney MICHAEL GARCIA, who produced a 442 page report, claiming that the 42 page summary released by Bavarian ethics judge Hans-Joachim Eckert was a falsifying of the facts and disagreed with his refusal to release the whole report. They plan to meet each other to resolve their differences as the President of the German League, Reinard Rauball suggested that UEFA should consider breaking away from the world body altogether. I BELIEVE IN THIS OPTION to stop the rot and rid ourselves of Blatter.

FIFA V.P. JEFFREY WEBB and fellow EX-CO SUNIL GULATI, the USSF President both demanded that the report be released in full. I would like to see Webb voted in as a one term president to replace the 78 year old Blatter and then maybe Gulati or another progressive candidate coming in to serve for a two term period of eight years. Recently Blatter persuaded FIFA delegates to shoot down both age and term limits.

Evidently the American FBI has been gathering evidence of FIFA wrong doings after they entrapped former CONCACAF General Secretary CHUCK BLAZER, nicknamed THE SOCCER RAT. He was given a small key chain wired for sound, to place on a table when chatting with FIFA bigwigs at the 2012 London as a confidential informant. He had run up $29 million in credit card charges and not filed federal income tax for 10 years, to help keep the 450 pounder out of jail....for now!!

RUSSIA refused entry to Garcia and many soccer politicians resigned and were not interviewed. Even Franz Beckenbauer reluctently answered a few questions only after threats to his reputation. Another nail in FIFA's reputation will be new Swiss laws for ALL federations headquartered in the country to counteract the present secrecy and lack of openess. Qatari and Australian whistleblowers Phaedra Almajid and Bonita Mersiades have both complained of threats to themselves and their families .