Posted: 10/1/2014


SEPP BLADDER (well that's what Robin Williams called him at the FIFA show in Las Vegas in late 1993), would not answer the question about what he has done with his 16,400.00 PARMIGIANI wrist watch that was in his 'goodie bag' in June in Sao Paulo. It's supposed to be returned to the CBF in Rio by the end of this month. He called the British media 'racists' for complaining about QUATAR getting the 2022 World Cup.

His latest scandalous comment was spewed last week in Zurich when he said that he was determined to keep Michael J. Garcia's report on the possible dirty tricks surrounding both the 2018 and 2022 World Cup bids secret. Despite many new E-xCo's ..and Garcia himself, wanting to see the findings made public. He is the chairman of the FIFA Ethics Committee.

He has resisted. He claims that since the new Ex-Co's, who were appointed post 2010 when the votes were held, were not in office at the time, then their views were not worth the price of a plastic wrist watch. Garcia, former US attorney for the Southern District of New York, interviewed 75 plus people for his 430 page report. HOWEVER, POO-TIN-TIN's Russia would NOT allow him entry to that country, which won he 2018 vote, to interview any members of the Russian Football Federation or its bid team.

The report did not consider the 'SUNDAY TIMES' revelations of sculduggery, so what use is it anyway? It has been handed over to Hans-Joachim Eckert, of Germany, who says that he is under orders from the Head of FIFA NOT to give the public and the press, access to the findings. Michel Platini, Jeffrey Webb, President of CONCACAF, Sunil Gulati head of US Soccer, Prince Ali bin Al-Hussen of Jordan, Jim Boyce of Northern Ireland, are those who want the finding published and names shamed and procecuted.

In April 2013 CONCACAF, under Webb and Gulatini, published a 113 page report detailing alleged financial mismanagement by then CONCACAF President and Secretary General Jack Warner and Chuck Blazer and are all for transparency. ECKERT is of the opinion that the report remains secret, and Blatter wants the same with no guilty parties named, shamed or DEALT WITH.

Talking about RUSSIA, yesterday in Moscow, CSKA lost 1-0 to Bayern Munich in an empty stadium, due to racist behaviour by home team fans in previous matches. FC Porto tied 2-2 in Lviv in Western Ukraine near the Polish border, against Shaktar Donetsk, who had to travel 600 miles from their war ravished home city, as a result of Russian aggression and interference.