Posted: 9/24/2014


UEFA has fair play rules for teams that take part in their club tournaments, brought in by President MICHEL PLATINI. Manchester City have been fined 41 million euros and the money is to be divided up among other top clubs, including Manchester United. Paris Saint-Germain also received a hefty penalty, along with seven other clubs.

In a recent EPL match City played Chelsea and their were only FOUR Englishmen on the pitch. By the way, Platini stated last week that he would NOT return the 16,500.00 PARMIGIANI watch given to him in the 'Goodie Bag' in Brazil at the FIFA meeting last June. He stated that in his upbringing in France you did not return gifts, but that now he was caught out he would donate it to a charity!

Just to remind you all, UEFA first first brought out new rules via the Financial Control Panel in September 2009 to prevent big clubs spending more than they earn in pursuit of success and getting into financial problems that might threaten their long term survival- AND get an unfair advantage over opponents. 2011-12 season was the first when the regulations applied. "50% of clubs are losing money and this is an increasing trend" claimed Platini. Manchester City paid an average first team player over 100,000 a week.

Metalurg Donetsk, Petrolul Ploiesti and Skonto Latvia are banned from UEFA competitions for 2014-15 and 2016-17 unless they pay fines imposed on them. Anzi Makhachkala were bought by Suleyman Kerimov in January 2011 and signed big wage players such as Roberto Carlos and Samuel Eto'o for 28 million Euros and a world record salary of 20.5 million Eurso. The players trained and lived in Moscow and only travelled to Dagestan for matches due to safety concerns. After failing to win any domestic or European silverware the owner sold the big players to Wesetrn European clubs and opened an academy in Dagestan to develop local talent.

Chelsea claimed that a record turnover of 55.8 million for the company combined with the previous seasons profit of 1.4 million would counter the 2013 loss of 49.4 million. Manchester City revealed their accounts on 29th January 2104, even though their annual turnover was up by $40 million to 271 million for 2012-13 their losses were 46.95 million, just within the allowable threshold. However the turnover was the result of two specific items, - the sale of player image rights for 24.5 million and intellectual property rights for another 22.5 million to UNIDENTIFIED external partners.

Liverpool FC are also under intense scrutiny of their accounts and are to face UEFA a financial fair play investigation. Monaco, Inter Milan and Roma will also face an investigation. On May 2014 UEFA announced that they had agreed to settlements with NINE CLUBS with sanctions ranging from limit of wage bills, limit of squad size and fines. The 9 clubs are Anzi Makhachkala, Bursaspor, Galatasay, Levski Sofia, Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain, Rubin Kazan, Trabsonspor and Zenit Saint Petersburg. Three are in the Russian League and three in the Turkish League.