Posted: 9/18/2014


GREG DYKE is the Independent Chairman of The Football Association and contracted to work 2 days a week for loads of money. It is just called THE FA because it was the first football association, founded in 1863, when there were no others.

The FA has been much criticised the last few years for lack of diversity, lack of control over The Premier League, and letting the national team struggle in the world rankings and at major tournaments. The Three Lambs got dumped out of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in the first round, finishing at the bottom of a winnable group. They took a party of EIGHTY-EIGHT, flying in the front of the planes, and staying at 5 star luxury hotels---to no avail.

Not standing up to the Premier League and their member clubs has been one of my concerns, allowing the clubs to dictate who can play for the U20s in UEFA Finals and FIFA U-21 Finals, to give them experience of international tournament conditions. Now Dyke has proposed legislation that would reduce the number of average players from out of the European Union who can play in England.

At present players from the top 75 ranked FIFA nations can play for an English club if they have played 75% of their county's matches. He wants to only allow players from the top 50 nations, and only allow them to play in the Premiership and not to be signed by Championship clubs, NOR loaned out by EPL clubs. Players from top 30 nations would only be required to have played in 30% of matches. With these nations often having enough players to try many new ones out, and to restrict overseas players, from say USA, Brazil, Argentina in some friendly matches, this shows some common sense. Players signed for maybe 10 million or 15 million would be automatically allowed in the EPL.

The change is not MASSIVE, it would maybe cut the overseas intake by half, maybe 30 players to start with, BUT 30 more English players would benefit from Premiership experience and action, and increase their chances of representing the full England squad. The British HOME OFFICE will be offered suggestions for the changes as they are the body that issues work-permits.