Posted: 9/15/2014


When I was a schoolboy I won a quiz by being very clever and answering the question-name a word with a Q but no U. I answered QANTAS, the airline and also stated its origin- QUEENSLAND AND NORTHERN TERRITORY AIR SERVICES- although it now flies worldwide.

QUEEN of course is the rock group, Freddie Mercury, Brian May etc responsible for WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS, WE WILL ROCK YOU from 1977 and played the world over after football triumphs. Q of course is the head of Britain's MI 6 (military intelligence) to thwart spies and such from abroad. MI5 is the domestic intelligence branch.

QATAR of course is that pimple on the backside in the Middle East that'won' the right to host the 2022 FIFA WORLD CUP but is more infamous for its treatment of thousands of its foreign work force and its support for jihadist groups. Last week I was in Manchester for three days at SOCCEREX GLOBAL FORUM and sat in the front row listening to a presentation about progress and preparations in this LAND OF THE NOT SO FREE. Moderator David Davies tried to ask questions and then took a straw vote from the packed audience. " Who favours a winter or summer World Cup in 2022?" The result was 50-50, because the WRONG question was asked . It should have been " WHO IS IN FAVOUR OF MOVING THE WORLD CUP FROM QATAR?"

I sat next to FATIMA AL NASSR of the 2022 QUATAR SUPREME COMMITTEE FOR DELIVERY & LEGACY. She is one of 500 full time staff in the DOHA office 8 years from kick-off. I asked her a simple question about the mass transit light rail system and she didn't seem able to answer that simple question. Anyway we are told that QATAR intends to host the most amazing FIFA World Cup-EVER !

The big problem was that the vote to host both the 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cups was held the same day in Zurich-evidently on the advice of the FIFA commercial department,but of course the ExCos are responsible for that disastrous decision. What on earth Qatar will do with all the stadiums after the event with a very weak local league? We are told that NO workers have been killed on the construction projects-so far but hundred of Asian guest workers have died of disease and heat problems after working and living in atrocious conditions. They have their passports taken away and have little or no workers rights.

WHAT SORT OF LEGACY CAN WE EXPECT, and the time of the cup has still to be decided. Winter or summer? or TAKE IT AWAY AND HAVE A FRESH VOTE !!!