Posted: 9/11/2014


Look at the FIFA Executive committee these days and there are some big changes. We seem to have new members who don't intend to remain forever and take as much money as they can out of The Beautiful Game. They want changes, openness, accountability,inclusiveness, reform and TERM LIMITS.

JEFFREY WEBB from the Cayman Islands has been involved in the administration of football for 22 years. I spent about 5 minutes at the Owen Roberts airport a long time ag,o transferring on the runway from one aircraft to another on the way from Miami to Lima. Webb watched his first ever professional match in Florida, Tampa Bay Rowdies v New York Cosmos with Pele, Beckenbauer and more...and he was hooked.

In the last decade or so CONCACAF was a cesspool and with the resignations of Jack Warner and Chuck Blazer somebody had to clean up the mess and Webb was proposed and stepped forward. He is now President of this divergent confederation and V.P. of FIFA and in charge of an anti-discrimination task force. Unlike FIFA, all CONCACAF elections are ope,n and votes are published and not secret.

CONCACAF at times seemed to be a family bank and business for the former President and General Secretary. Jeffrey Webb doesn't want to remain for life and is all for limits to FIFA and CONCACAF positions. At a recent FIFA meeting in Sao Paulo term limits and age limits were voted down.He feels FIFA faces huge challenges to its credibility with multiple scandals. IMAGES AND PERCEPTION is the No 1 challenge. He also suggested that board members might include referees and players.

MOYA DODD is from Adelaide, South Australia and from a mixed European-Chinese family background. She started out playing football in the Aussie Rules mad state, and eventually played for Australia while obtaining a law degree, and is a successful partner in the Sydney law firm of Gilbert & Tobin. She is a FIFA Ex Co member and on the legal committees of both AFC and FIFA. When FIFA ran the first Women's international tournament in China in 1988 she had to pay $800 to a replacement to cover her missed work hours to represent The Matildas as vice-captain. She came off the bench and they beat star loaded Brazil 1-0 in the first round.

She had lived in a fire station with her fireman dad and Chinese mom and cycled to her first club in Adelaide, one of only 6 women's teams in the state capital. Now Adelaide University alone has as many teams and the sport is booming. When her parents got a new TV she watched English matches and The 1977 FA Cup Final where Manchester United beat Liverpool 2-1... but is now a Liverpool fan for life. When Lydia Nsekeru of Burundi beat her to the vote for a new women's Ex Co position on FIFA, Moya was also co-opted onto the 27 person FIFA Executive.

Moya is the first woman member on AFC and is now vice-president and first woman of Football Federation Australia board, and THE FIRST Australian at FIFA's top table. At 48 she plays for an over 35 year old team and her 10 year old son and 7 year old daughter play. "I AM NOT ON FIFA TO JUST MAKE UP THE NUMBERS !!!"

Also on the panel was Dr.Michel D'Hooghe of Belgium who also advocates term limits and who is influencial as Chairman of FIFA's medical committee.