Posted: 7/4/2014


SO, BRAZIL LIVES ON and the riots and revolution are put on hold as the nation celebrates the SELECAO advancing to a semi-final contest with GERMANY in BELO HORIZONTE on Tuesday.

Meanwhile we await for the winners of Holland v Costa Rica in Salvador following the Argentina v Belgium match up in Brasilia on Saturday.

A minor ticketing scalping scandal may eventually turn into a major one and bring down some very senior FIFA officials. The very distasteful JULIO GRONDONA, President of the Argentina Football Association since 1979, and THE senior VP of FIFA has been accused of many things over the years but has managed to hold onto his positions...and the sponsorship money which he doles out to friends and friendly clubs, treating the associations money as his own bank account. Most local clubs are badly run and poor and rely on his favours to keep them afloat.

Yesterday there were 11 arrests for ticket scalping. HUMBERTO MARIO GRONDONA, son of JULIO, who is a manager of the national team programme, says that he gave a $220 ticket for Argentina v Switzerland to an Argentina friend who he won't name, and it finished up being sold on for more than twice that amount. A photo of the ticket with his name was posted on the Twitter site by journalist Andres Burgo. Rio de Janeiro police arrested 11 men yesterday, suspected of running a scalping operation in which they hoped to make $60 million !!!! One suspect is staying at the COPACABANA PALACE HOTEL on Avenida Atlantica where all the FIFA big wigs are living in luxury.

One of the confiscated tickets was a category 3 ticket for Spain v Chile at Maracana, in the same section that I sat in. It was sold on line for $760 and had the name of the Afghanistan F.A. on it. Police Inspector Fabio Barucke said that one of those arrested was MOHAMADOU LAMINE FOFANA ,an Algerian thought to be a ringleader of a gang at this and previous World Cups. He was registered at the Copacabana Palace.

Many tickets are from the official MATCH Hospitality, the official FIFA distributor, which I have accused of many things in past World Cup tournaments.. One of the owners is a cousin of FIFA President SEPP BLATTER. FOFANA was described as 'a middle man' by Inspector BAROCKE and they were on to a highly placed FIFA official staying at the hotel. Barocke says that the ring made 1 million reals ($455,00 US) per game and they used three Rio de Janeiro travel agencies. The 11 in custody claimed that they had made close to 200 million reals ($91 million US) per World Cup. I AM SURE THAT CUSTODY IN RIO IS NOT A VERY PLEASANT PLACE TO BE, and your FIFA blazer might get a little rumpled and sweaty.

"I DO NOT BELIEVE A JEW CAN EVER BE A REFEREE AT THIS LEVEL. IT'S HARD WORK AND, YOU KNOW, JEWS DON'T LIKE HARD WORK." So said GRONDONA a few years ago. DON JULIO oversaw the flawed investigation into the bribes given by his country to Peru at World Cup 1978. His country beat Peru 6-0 to qualify for the final against Holland. He is also accused of pocketing huge amounts of money from the now defunct ISL in Switzerland. He also congratulated Maradona for his 'HAND OF GOD' goal against England in 1986 , declaring that it was not cheating..but genius at work. He is also accused of accepting bribes from QATAR for his vote for 2022.

WATCH THIS SPACE, it should be an interesting few days as the rats are exposed being marched out of the COPACABANA PALACE in a New York style PERP WALK !!,