Posted: 7/1/2014


Just after the completion of the first round of matches at FIFA WORLD CUP GERMANY in 2006 I was in the Munich Hauptbahnhof (main station) and there was a large World Cup souvenir shop with he hand written sign 'ARTICLES OF THE FAILED !'. It may not have been in the Queen's English, but was easily understood. All the hats, shirts, flags, and other souvenirs of the teams that had been knocked out... Poland, Costa Rica, USA, Serbia, Angola,Tunisia, Togo, South Korea, Japan, Trinidad, Saudi Arabia, Ivory Coast, Paraguay etc....were on sale very cheap.

When I took off for Rio de Janeiro last month at the start of the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 all the shops in England were packed with English themed THREE LIONS souvenirs-hats, shirts, shorts, flip flops, bags, face paint, horns, banners and more. On my return after the national team flopped, there were no displays, and hats, flags and more were dumped in the 50p bins

Such is life for the failed. We are in the midst of MURRAY MANIA and Wimbledon fortnight,and in GOD'S OWN COUNTY OF YORKSHIRE we have LE GRAND DEPART setting out from Leeds Town Hall on Saturday through the Yorkshire Dales and onto Harrogate, followed by STAGE TWO, York Racecourse to Sheffield on Sunday. LE TOUR DE FRANCE BEGINS.

The English pubs had been expecting to be packed out with fans spending lots of money, but it just hasn't happened and I am sure it's the same in Milan, Barecelona, Sydney, Lisbon, Tegulcigalpa, Tokyo and Seoul. No more Asian and African teams left in Brazil. Cameroon is under the microscope after a convicted match fixture predicted the 4-0 score in the defeat to Croatia in Manaus. Wilson Raj Perumal from Singapore told Der Spiegel that there would also be a red card in the first half.

FECAFOOT, the Cameroon Federation is probing claims that 'SEVEN BAD APPLES' had helped 'fix' their three matches in Group A. Alex Song received a straight red card for an off the ball incident. The squad arrived 24 hours late after refusing to get on the plane until they were paid in cash in advance. "Some players behaved very badly", claimed their German coach Volker Finke. Perumal was arrested in Rovaniemi, Finland in 2011 after fixing matches locally.

In the 1990's he was part of a syndicate that was estimated to have fixed 70% of matches in the Malaysian-Singapore League before the league collapsed. Abukari Damba, their goalkeeper coach, confessed to the Ghana F.A. that he had been fixing matches for the Singapore group for 10 years. In the first decade of 2000, it is estimated that about 700 international, European Cup and minor matches were fixed from 2008 to 2011. SO MUCH FOR THE BEAUTIFUL GAME !!