Posted: 6/29/2014


the very first time that I flew into Montevideo was in 1980 for the MUNDIALITO, the 50th anniversary of the first World Cup in 1930 in this small nation.

Most countries have a lot of history, my host said," BUT WE URUGUAYANS ONLY HAVE OUR FOOTBALL". After being dumped out at the first knock out stage by fellow South Americans Colombia, THEY ONLY HAVE SUAREZ

While the fans jump up and down outside his mansion in the suburbs, and he shows off his two children and complains to FIFA and the world that his lengthy suspension is a conspiracy, the world and the FIFA World Cup marches on, without him and the CELESTE. In fact, after he almost single handedly beat England, the British and world press were full of praise for his magnificent skills. For his third time bite they were rightly disgusted. In fact the only person on the world stage to defend him was JULIO GRONDONA of Argentina, a long term FIFA Senior Vice-President, an anti-semite and a a bribe taker extraordinaire.

For ARJEN ROBBEN the Flying Dutchman it was third time lucky with his Swan Lake impression to earn a penalty late in the game against Mexico. I have many Dutch friends in Holland and abroad but I am not a fan of their national team. I was in the FRANKENSTADION Nuremberg in 2006 for Holland v Portugal where both teams and coaches, and in particular the Dutch were thugs and complained bitterly about Russian referee VALENTIN VALENTINOVICH who issued 4 red card and 16 yellow cards .THE BATTLE OF NUREMBERG. Again, in the 2010 final in Soccer City South Africa they acted like thugs. If it had not been for English referee Howard Webb we would have had a blood bath. BAD PARENTING is partly to blame. SPARE THE ROD AND SPOIL THE CHILD seems to be the Dutch motto. We have new heroes such as JAMES RODRIGUEZ of Colombia who will give the Brazilians a run for their money on July 4th in Fortaleza.We have also had some outstanding goals and brave and outstanding goalkeeping such as GUILLERMO OCHOA of Mexico. Hopefully we shall see some more pleasant suprises from the so called underdog teams.