Posted: 6/23/2014


Poster boy NEYMAR JR scored in the 17th minute which was the 100th goal of this tournament in the SELECAO's 100th World Cup match in their glorious history, as they went on to down Cameroons 4-1 to advance to play Chile in the round of 16. Mexico won 3-1 over Croatia and will play The Netherlands.

It was the start of four days of last round of the matches in the group stages, Thirty two years ago on 25th June 1982 I was in the press stand at Estadio El Molinon in Gijon in the North of Spain for a match that will go down in infamy. Algeria had already beaten West Germany 2-1 on opening day and had finished their group stage with a win against Chile. West Germany played Austria and after Jupp Durwell's team scoredin the 10th minute through HORST HRUBESH the rest of the match was a bore, both teams knowing that the result would advance them and eliminate the North Africans.

My friend Bob Valentine from Dundee, Scotland was the referee but was unable to influence the result. The Spanish fans whistled and booed and chanted 'Que se besen, que se besen' ('Let them kiss)'and Algerian fans waved banknotes. Outside the stadium I stood near the team buses and the fans hurled abuse as the teams emerged, only held back by barriers and police. The ANSCHLUSS MATCH - Since then FIFA has made sure that all third matches in the same group kick off at exactly the same time.

I started the day by visiting SAARA, a daily market in Central Rio de Janeiro with cheap World Cup souvenirs, cheap food and free street entertainment near the Uruguaiana Metro station. First there was a transvestite dancer singing at the top of his/her voice. I watched (briefly) as a guy had trained his pet dog to have sex with a beach ball!! and I left for Copacabana and the beautiful people.

Lots of street parties awaiting Brazil v Cameroon while one street bar was packed with Mexican fans awaiting their match with Croatia. I went to BOBS BURGERS on Avenida Atlantica for an orange drink and a large TV which was a relatively quiet scene. After most of the second half and an obvious result I walked across 6 lanes of traffic and two lanes of joggers, skate boarders and cyclists to the promenade with cafes every 10 yards.