Posted: 6/22/2014


Well, well the dark forces suffered a very late blow from the land of TIN TIN. Czar Poo-tin and his 7 million a year coach Fabio Capello are not happy comrades

Unlike the previous two matches at Maracana which were dominated first by Argentinian and then Chilean fans this match between Russia and Belgium was a much lower sound level. Maybe 3,000 fans each from Mother Russia and Tin Tin Land. The Belgian comic detective is very popular in Europe and even a movie and a Disneyland style amusement park. It was a boring contest with lots of whistles and boos from dissatisfied paying customers unlike that last minute goal for Le Diablo Rouge by Divock Origi. I wish I had been at the other Group H match instead, the 6 goal Algeria v South Korea 4-2 thriller in Porto Alegre.

We took the 15 minute ferry across Guanabara Bay from Niteroi where we moved to with awesome views of Sugar Loaf, Christ the Redeemer,the Santos Dumont Airport on the bay and more. Then about 6 stops on the Metro to Maracana stadium. I am pleased because the ferry, which takes 15 minutes, is free to seniors. They also let me use the seniors entrance at the stadium.

The latest Sunday Times revelations about FIFA were published in London today. All 25 members of FIFA's EXCO committee secretly received a big increase in annual salary recently without the public being informed...until today! An increase from 59,000 to 118,000, and paid in stuffed envelopes and then deposited in secret Swiss bank accounts. Domenico Scala is head of the audit committee and scrapped bonuses which were subject to possible bribery. 200 plus a night hotel suites, and 400 a day expenses in addition to the free meals, limos and other perks.

Key management in Zurich don't have their salaries published but the top few were paid 21.3 million last year, and increase of 1.6 million from the previous year. One of the seven vice-presidents, Jim Boyce of Northern Ireland, has promised to be more open and so has new member Sunil Gulati of USA who has been very quiet since assuming the position. Former VP many years ago from Northern Ireland Harry Cavan was even on the payroll of ADIDAS, on of FIFA's sponsors, as was of course Franz Beckenbauer.

The SUNDAY TIMES has millions of emails and has promised to reveal more each Sunday. As one FIFA sponsor, McDonalds says I'M LOVIN' IT '. How about you