Posted: 6/19/2014


It was the sum of all our fears; Luis Suarez was just about fit after being seen in a wheelchair just a few weeks ago. An inexperienced England defence let him run riot and score a brace of goals to bite the hand of the country that feeds him

Nobody expected much from this inexperienced England team, and the defence of the realm was not good enough once again and incapable of keeping a clean sheet against half decent opposition. I was not tempted to take the long distance bus from Rio de Janeiro to my least favourite Brazilian destination, a concrete jungle of highways full of traffic and no redeemable features on my few visits.

Walking from the metro stations to Maracana and back you pass dozens of homeless people living outdoors 24 hours a day on pieces of carpet or flattened cardboard boxes. The people with money live behind iron bars and 24 hour security cameras and guards. What a way to live, what a county, the fifth richest on earth with stadiums to spare and hungry bellies with little or no social security. BREAD AND CIRCUSES is what the Romans provided, with free entry to their coliseums. Here there is not enough bread and it costs a months local wages to get into the circuses.

The protesters are peaceful at the moment, but just wait until after 13th July, or earlier if the SELECAO get knocked out of the cup. We had 100 or so Chilean fans break into the media entrance at Maracana but they were all arrested and didn't get to see the match. This is a weak link. In Pretoria 4 years ago 3 of my friends walked in via the media entrance without accreditation and watched the match for free. I went to another entrance looking to buy a ticket. On the ground was a $100.00 one. No reason to hand it to the police-they would sell it. Thank you FIFA. !!!

Lets now look forward to FRANCE 2016 and the European Championships. With an increase from 16 to 24 teams we should qualify and maybe reach the second round!!