Posted: 6/14/2014


I think we can all agree that it was been a pretty good start to the 2014 FIFA World Cup on the pitch with lots of goals, exciting comebacks and a few shock results.

Off the pitch we have Franz Beckenbauer suspended for 90 days for refusing on two occasions to answer questions from FIFA investigator Michael Garcia. He claimed that his English wasn't good enough, but of course all his sponsors from Adidas and more could have provided technical assistance at no cost

The brilliant Kaiser is not a 'main player' in the 2018 and 2022 scandals but his neutrality during his time as a FIFA EXCO member is questionable. You may remember in his leadership role at FIFA World Cup Germany 2006 he attended at least part of every match thanks to a low flying helicoper. What you might not realise unless you were in that country at the time was his commercial activities. All day he was flogging stuff for ADIDAS and various beer, automobile and other products on TV

He was living in Austria for tax purposes and as an EXCO member could hardly be neutral when ADIDAS, for example was an official sponsor. I saw him play his very first World Cup match at Hillsborough, Sheffield in 1966 where he scored twice in the 5-0 demolition of Switzerland. Me and my mates paid 50d (half a 1) to stand on the Lepping Lane terrace. It was only 1 in the seats there and at Wembley in the opening round. He was such a lad for the ladies that he used to sneak out from training camp. Finally in England he was 'confined to barracks' and had to room with assistant coach Dettmar Cramer.

One result of those pre-marriage liasons was first son Thomas who in 2006 managed to get the exclusive rights for the money making tournament souvenir business...with a little help from dad! Beckenbauer has a glorious history and is very charming. I have met him on many occasions including in the VIP section at Allianz Arena in Munich 2006 during the Portugal v Italy semi-final.

FRANZ, you are a living legend. He claims that since he is no longer a FIFA EXCO or has a position with the DFB he doesn't have to answer questions.(Of course he is still willing to accept pensions for life from both)!!! It's the same lame excuse that the REAL BAD GUYS who have resigned will use. Please protect your legacy, answer the questions so that the 90 day ban is not extended!!