Posted: 6/2/2014


The recent massive multi-page revelations in The Sunday Times may not be news to many of us or to FIFA President Sepp Blatter and the other high and mighty well paid EXCONS who feed from football's trough, but they are well and truly itemized from thousands of emails, spread sheets and other documents. BUT, WHO IS SUPRISED ANYMORE ?

In just over a week FIFA will have their congress in Sao Paulo ahead of the opening game on 12th July in the same city between BRAZIL and CROATIA. The many delegates will be wined and dined in opulence and hope that they all come out unscathed from the current crisis.

. In 2010, a few weeks prior the the vote on the 2018 and 2022 World Cup voting, Michel Platini attended a meeting at the Elysee Palace in Paris with then President Sarkozy, plus the Crown Prince of Qatar and Sebastian Bazin from Colony Capital, owner of Paris St. Germain. Platini went to Zurich and used his vote for Qatar for 2022. Shortly after, his son Laurent Platini was given a lucrative job with a sports company owned by Qatar. JUST YESTERDAY, The Daily Telegraph( revealed that Platini had already had a secret one on one meeting with bin Hammam a few days earlier that he has NEVER DISCLOSED !!

FIFA's committee looking into the various bids, chaired by the former Chilean federation president Harold Maynes-Nicholls suggested that Qatar was HIGH RISK, due to the climate, lack of football history and culture, guest workers problems and more. At the same time at least $5 million from a dozen or more slush funds were being used by Mohamed bin Hammam who was a FIFA VP and President of the wealthy Asian Federation, to bribe football's leaders in Africa, Asia and The Caribbean.

ADAM MTHETHEAWA Swaziland-$30,000 gift " I am in dire need of finance in the region of $30,000. This arises from the fact that I just retired from politics". JOHN MUINJO-Namibia $50,000: FADOUL HOUSSEIN-Djibouti $30,000; IZETTA WESLEY-Liberia $10,000; GEORGE WEAH-Liberia $50,000; KALUSHA BWALYA-Zambia $50,000; MANUEL DENDE-Sao Tome $50,000 (he had asked for $232,000); SEEDY KINTEH-Gambia $60,000. These are some of the 30 Africans that bin Hammam 'rewarded' for loyalty. After he was fired from the Asian Federation it was revealed in the PwC audit that he treated the federation's bank account as his own!!

In addition he wined and dined ISSA HAYADOU, the CAF President and gave him 60 premier 2010 World Cup tickets worth 3,800 to resell. He was transported around in the AMARI-6 Royal Jet, a similar one that he 'loaned' to Sepp Blatter to use in his 1998 election campaign !! On a junket to Malaysia for the African delegates plus wives and daughters each was presented with $5,000 on arrival plus a luxurious all expenses paid trip. One notable recipient was LYDIA NSEKERA, then President of the Burundi F.A. and now the first female member of the FIFA executive committee (EXCO).

$1.6 million was funnelled to Jack Warner disgraced FIFA V.P. from Trinidad & Tobago, including $450,000 just prior to the vote in 2010.

ALL 54 OF UEFA DELEGATES ARE EXPECTED TO HAVE A SIT DOWN PROTEST IN SAO PAULO TO SHOW DISGUST AT BLATTER STANDING ONCE AGAIN, AND CONTEMPT FOR HIS LEADERSHIP. They are also expected to put up a candidate such as DFB President Wolfgang Niersbach or KNVB President Michael van Praag.

THE SUNDAY TIMES has promised more revelations this coming Sunday and in future editions. You can read the basics on line for free but for a SMALL CHARGE you can get every weekend editions with the complete stories.