Posted: 5/10/2014


What an evening we had in South Dublin on Friday evening at Richmond Park !

A smooth ride on the LUAS light rail and a 10 minute walk across The Grand Canal to the neat little stadium on Emmerr Road with large signs welcoming one and all to The Home of the Saints. A short visit to TOM TAVEY Pub down the road, packed with Saints fans of all ages dressed in red from head to toe set the tone for a great evening in Inshicore.

The proud club are the AIRTRICITY LEAGUE OF IRELAND champions from 2013. They were hosting Cork City FC, from Ireland's second city in a table toppimg fixture. With 2,800 seats the club has 100 more than the UEFA minumum, so are allowed to host European matches at their home. ONCE A SAINT, ALWAYS A SAINT is a giant sign on the wall.

Wednesday we went to Tallagh Stadium, home of Shamrock Rovers to watch a Women's World Cup qualifier between Ireland and Russia with the visitors easy winners 3-1. At the burger van inside the stadium there was a sign offering 'chicken nuggets and chip' for 5 Euros. I commented to the lady that I hoped it was a very BIG chip! She apologized for her spelling and gave me lots of them!

After an equalizer was ruled offside Conan Byrne scored from the penalty spot after a foul in the area. At 64 minutes the rains came as fans scrambled for cover from the open end or sheltered under plastic fan and advertising banners.

The Saints were marching on despite the rain and the fans were singing, chanting and banging their drum. Forrester sent in a cross converted by Kenny Browne. Cork were given a reprieve after a misplaced back pass to Brendan Clarke was gratefully snatched by Robert Lehaney for a 2-2 equaliser.

It was injury time when Conan Byrne scored the winner to take the champions to the top of the league for the first time this season and the fans went home very, very happy. 3-2.

Saturday morning we went to visit Bluebell United FC and their neat little ground across from Red Cow corner. We were shown around by Christy Beahan, a sprightly 85 years young and one of those SALT OF THE EARTH gentlemen who make THE BEAUTIFUL GAME what it is...THE PEOPLE'S GAME. What a great history since 1946 and a wonderful multi roomed club house with great ambience.