Posted: 3/17/2014


    FC Bayern are THE TEAM TO BEAT, both in The Bundesliga and in Europe.

    Twenty three points ahead of their nearest rival in the league and a good bet to retain the Champions League Trophy in Lisbon this May at Estadio Da Luz.

    All matches at Allianz Arena are sold out but I am a lucky old guy.  I was given a freebie and no ordinary freebie. FRONT ROW indeed as a guest for Bayern Munich v Bayer Leverkusen last Saturday evening where the stadium was all white at kick off time and glowed all red as the darkness fell.

    Lots of fun downtown in the traffic free central streets and squares and in the Hofbrauhaus, and opposite at The Irish Pub and more.

   The brass band played on, and the tables were groaning with both Bayern and Bayer fans in red downing mass bier after mass bier and chicken and pig parts by the plate full.

   Poor old Uli Hoeness, the former player and a major architect of the rise and rise of the FC Bayern brand. His seat next to Karl-Heinz Rummenigge was empty as he gets measured for his stripped prison suit and three and a half years- minus time for good behaviour -as guest of the Federal Government for his lax...very situation.

   I first saw him play for West Germany in the Olympiastadion in 1972 during the Olympic Games. They beat USA amateurs 7-0 with poor Shep Messing trying his best for the Stars and Stripes. They were just colleague kids while the West Germans were playing in the Bundesliga and retaining their amateur status but having money paid into secret Swiss bank accounts by Adidas and other sponsors... until they lost and turned pro for the next season. HE STILL HAS THAT BANK ACCOUNT on Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich... but IT'S NO LONGER A SECRET !!!!!

   I was at that match and a few more before darkness and death decended on the Israelis on Connallystrasse a few days later.

   Prior to the Bundesliga clash I visited Sabenerstrasse, the HQ of FC Bayern, and watched the u 13s play St. Pauli boys from Hamburg and then the u12s, coached by Stephan Beckenbauer, son of the legend.  I first saw Stephan as an 8 year old playing for local club Waldtrudering in the summer of 1979 when his family lived in nearby Grünwald.