Posted: 3/5/2014


       " From Stettin on the Baltic to Trieste on the Adriatic an Iron Curtain has descended on Europe".

        It was one of the most famous speeches in history, made on March 5, 1946 by Sir Winston Churchill at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri. He was accompanied by Harry Truman, arriving together by train.

      Stettin, which in fact is about 60 miles from the Baltic is now called Szczecin, capital of Western Pomerania in Poland and home of Pogon Szczecin, one of my favourite football clubs, who I have been to watch..  In the past the city has been part of Denmark, Sweden, Prussia.

      WELL there is a very serious crisis. From The Baltic to The Crimea a CHOCOLATE WALL has descended on Europe!!

      ROSHEN is a famous Ukrainian chocolate brand which has helped make its owner PETER POROSHENKO a billionaire, and who is a member of the Ukrainian Parliament seen frequently on CNN and other world channels in recent days, and who was an early advocate of his nation joining The European Union.

      Czar POO-tin and his cronies have used strong armed tactics to persuade former Eastern Block vassal states to join his Eurasian Economic Community rather than the European Union.  He has banned Ukrainian chocolate from the mouths of hungry RussiansROSHEN, whose factory used to be called the Karl Marx Chocolate Works, has invested heavily in new equipment and the Russians, who like the sweet dark Ukrainian brand, went wild over 'EVENING IN KIEV', their favourite...until the ban.

      Russia's Eurasian Group is worth about $2.3 trillion to Europe's $26.6 trillion, according to The International Monetary Fund.  With Ukraine's 46 million people the Eurasian Group would have 215 million members as against 501 million in the 28 member European Union(or almost 550 million if the went west)..

      ROSHEN exported 8,000 tons of sweets to Russia every month until the ban and still exports 320 different kinds of candy to 30 foreign countries.  Hershey's Kisses didn't take in Russia, too sweet and milky. Kraft and Mars have a presence there in a market dominated by the local United Confectionary Company..a sort of Gazprom of sweets.

      POO-tin has also banned Moldovan wine and Lithuanian milk and GAZPROM the huge energy giant from Russia, which is a major sponsor of UEFA Champions League, has cut off or raised prices on gas to Ukraine.

     In fact, the members of The European Parliament in Brussels, who, with excessive expense accounts can eat anything they want, were photographed eating a famous Lithuanian cottage cheese dessert, to support their member state.

     It has been whispered that POO-tin's wife left him over the EVENING IN KIEV ban.

     I have made a BIG sacrifice. I have cancelled my weekly shipment of Russian caviar from Harrods,...I had stopped buying Iranian caviar ages ago. I am now looking at some Azerbaijani caviar brands.

    Next maybe I will stop drinking my daily bottle of Stolichnaya vodka and substitute it for NEMIROFF LEX from the loyal area of Western Ukraine.