Posted: 12/4/2013


    It was written 500 years ago, in 1513, and is one of the most read books of all time. Less than 100 pages long, it was been taken into battle, into parliaments and into palaces.

    Published three years after the death of its author, who didn't give the book a title himself, THE PRINCE was written in Florence by Niccolo Machiavelli and is a tale of how to gain power-and keep it.

     "it is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot have both".

      " Before else, be armed".

      " It is a double pleasure to deceive the deceiver.".

     Napoleon, Stalin, Mussolini, Thatcher, Nixon, Blair....and Sepp Blatter had a copy.

     This Friday in a resort called Costa do Saulpe, 75 minutes north of Salvador, Bahia in Brazil's North-East, the great and the greedy will gather to watch the balls being plucked out of the hat as the 32 FIFA World Cup finalists learn their opponents for the first round next June in 12 stadiums., some of them not yet completed.

     Macciavelli is the founder of political science and political ethics and was a historian, politician, diplomat, phiolosopeher, humanist and writer during  The Renaissance and a diplomat and military officer in the Florentine Republic. He lived from 1469-1527 AD.

     Half the so called FIFA Ex Co diplomats from the last World Cup are out of office, with many running from the law. Blatter will study The Prince to see how he can keep power for yet another term.

     In an effort to show to the public the workings of FIFA, and indeed other international sporting organizations that have hidden for many years due to Swiss Laws, which didn't outlaw commercial bribery, the country has now insisted on TRANSPARENCY in the future. I have a friend who is on a major committee of a minor international sport, but had to disclose ANY conflicts of interests and payments, even membership of libraries, parks committees etc.

     I and anybody else can access these details as I can with salaries, expenses, outside income etc of Members of Parliament, which is normal in major democracies, as it should be,

     FIFA refuses to say how much its major politicisns including Sepp Blatter, Jerome Valcke earn or their expenses and FIFA bank accounts and massive expenses and annual bonuses, which seem to be unlimited. Each FIFA ex con has what seems an unlimited Swiss bank account and can bring friends and families to World Cups and other events with first class flights, hotels, including suites, and daily expenses, on top of meals and the best seats.

     Ricardo Teixeira the former head of CBF the Brazilian Football Federation, ousted head of the 21014 World Cup Committee resigned his positions as did his disgraced former father in law and FIFA President Joao Havelange. Teixeira then fled to Miami, and has recently requested an Andorran passport, and residencey, where he has hidden much of his ill gotten gains. He still earns income from every lucrative NIKE sponsored foreign tour that The Selecao makes until this day, and other CBF deals.

     It is estimated that he received over 9.5 million in bribes from ISL alone (the collapsed former marketing arm of FIFA), and that Sepp Blatter knew of many of the deals, and failed to take any action.. Read the web site www and lots of interesting stuff from award winning journalist Andrew Jennings.