Posted: 10/7/2013


       SO, FIFA is going to set up yet another commission after World Cup 2014 to decide upon the timing of FIFA World Cup 2022 in QATAR.

       Also Sepp Blatter is going to make a courtesy call on the new Emir to discuss labour practices and more, in a friendly way. I can imagine the conversation. " Hi there Emir, you can call me Sepp, may I call you Tami?  "Certainly not you Swiss infidel. After you have prostrated yourself in front of me you can stand up...when I give you permission, and call me Your Excellency Emir Tamim bin Hamid Al Thani... The Magificent."

        " My so called heir apparent Michel Platini asked me to beg for his son Laurent, who as you know has been given a highly paid position in Qatar with little to do. M. Platini asks that you give his son his passport back, which was taken from him on arrival in Doha, so that he can go overseas occasionally, to have fun with somebody other than himself in his hotel suite. After all he is 35 years old and can look after it in the splendid hand tooled passport holder that was given to anybody who you are trying to get on your side".

        Hopefully in the next 9 years this tiny pimple on the backside of the world will have had a rebellion, run out of water or otherwise have the 2022 vote annuled.  If you want a location with plenty of Arab fans why not chose Israel which has more, or USA or France.   Israel would be given an automatic place, and if Iran qualified they would refuse to take part and could be replaced by Palastine.

        Long term I wouldn't mind the World Cup alternating between USA, German, France, England where real fans are and with super infrastructure, lots of choices of accommodation, transport and fun already in place and used regularly. A number of stadiums in South Africa which hosted 4-5 matches in 2010 are under used or not used at all, and the same could happen after 2014 in Natal, Brasilia, Manaus, Cuiaba.

        What on earth would Qatar do with a dozen large stadiums after a World Cup for their semi-pro league teams?  I suggest that Qatar host The Maccabiah Games, the Gay & Lesbian Games or the Womens World Cup instead- maybe even The Super Bowl-since the players cover their faces!!!, and there are lots of time outs and substitutions to cool off.  We could have a Pig Roast on the beach with a huge concert featuring The Pussy Riot and Elton John, then skinny dipping and fun. Everybody caught could get stoned!-LITERALLY ! since public stoning is still a punishment in Qatar.

      Just a little humour when Sepp Blatter was asked who his favourite Qatari player. WELL, can YOU name one?? His answer - ERIC CLAPTON !   get it???

       Other rumours this week that Michel Platini will add to the 2020 European Championships which is destined for 13 cities throughout his empire.  From 2016 in France there will be 24 competing teams, up from the present 16. The new idea, to challenge FIFA's dominance to to do what COPA AMERICA has done, which has been to add Mexico, Costa Rica and USA to get more interest and TV revenue.

      Suggestions that Argentina, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, USA and more could be added to get more revenue is being talked about.

      Meanwhile Michael J. Garcia the former US Attorney for the Southern District of New York is in London on the first leg of a tour of all 2018 & 2022 finalists looking for hints of bribery and such. From there he is supposed to visit Australia, Japan, South Korea, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Russia, QatarVladamir Putin has stated that he will not be allowed into Russia. He is chairman of FIFA's ethics committee but in 2008 helped convict Viktor Bout of selling weapons to Colombian FARC terrorists and is in prison for 25 years

       Vlad wants his pal released to return to his state owned dacha outside Moscow so that he can follow CSKA Moscow and Chelsea on cable TV.

       Meanwhile Hans-Joachim Eckert of Germany is stepping down from the ethics committee at the end of the year claiming the FIFA Execs are not interested in cleaning up their mess, but only in their own politics.