Posted: 9/24/2013


        Last week the great and the wealthy of European football met on the Adriatic Coast in Dubrovnik, Croatia and one topic of discussion was FIFA WORLD CUP 2022 which is supposed to take place in the hot desert shiekdom of QATAR. Hopefully NOT!!

        All 54 national associations in UEFA decided to back a winter World Cup, either before or after the New Year of 2021/22. Its a big mess. Michel Platini the UEFA President had voted for QATAR with its population of only 600,000 while The Supreme Leader, Sepp Blatter now admits it was a mistake and that he would have chosen USA.

        Perhaps a coincidence that petite Platini,  young LAURENT PLATINI, after a pre vote lunch meeting in the Elysee Palace with his dad, President Nicolas Sarkozy and Qatari royalty, that the lad was given a job as chief executive of Burdda, a Qatari owned sports kit company, and then promoted to head Qatar Sports Investments.

        The IOC (International Olympic Committee) don't want the World Cup to coincide with their XXlV Winter Olympic Games in January/February 2022.. Many European countries would vote for a pre Christmas time slot. Americans TV companies are mad because they have American pro and college football and basketball at that time. Australia is mad because it spent 24 million on its failed attempt.... I'M MAD BECAUSE I WASN'T CONSULTED!!! LET US HAVE A COMPLETELY NEW VOTE. Half the FIFA Exec that made the decision had to resign or be fired and the voting was tainted.

        Well, before that we have the 2020 European Championships. Platini has decided that to prevent massive spending on stadiums that have to be later downsized, and expensive infrastructure, that 13 cities should be chosen to host the championships, after the 24 team 2104 event is held in France.

        About half the nations hare bidding for either the semi-finals and finals, or a group stage. Platini wants the Ataturk Olympic Stadium in the outskirts of Istanbul for the showcase final stage , after the disappointment of losing out to Tokyo for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games.

        The stadium was used at the weekend for a Besiktas-Galatasaray local derby. These local derbies now ban the 'away' fans, but this match still got out of hand and had to be abandoned in added time when the visitors were awarded a penalty and hundreds of spectators swarmed onto the pitch. At the time the visiting Lions were winning 2-1 with a brace from Ivorian Didier Drogba. Referee Firat Aydinus blew his whistle and ran for cover along with the players.. A scuffle broke out between supporters and security personnel afer Gala's midfielder Felipe Melo was red carded in the 92nd minute and was hit by a glass bottle on his exit.  Besiktas coach Slavan Bilic was also sent off.

       It was a record for a top flight league match in Turkish history 76,127 even though new TFF regulations ban away fans at derbies. Besiktas' politicised fan base called 'Carsi' was prominant in recent anti- government clashes.

       One venue will host both semis and the final while 12 others will have three first round matches and one knock out match. London's Wembley Stadium would be a much better and safer bet. Cardiff, Dublin, Glasgow, Brussels, Amsterdam. Lyon, Milan, Rome, Madrid, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Tbilisi, Baku, Kiev, Donetsk, Sofia, Zagreb, Prague, Munich, Helsinki, Skopje, Jerusalem, Astana,  Warsaw, Chorzow,  Lisbon, Porto, St. Petersburg,  Bucharest, Belgrade, Basel, Stockholm, Yerevan, Minsk and others are also bidding.   Decision day is 25th September 2014.

       In my opinion, first of all discount the places where you need a visa: Baku, Astana, St. Petersburg, Minsk. My choices would be  Cardiff, Stockholm, Warsaw, Barcelona, Munich, Milan, Amsterdam, Zagreb, Copenhagen, Lisbon, Dublin, Bucharest, and the top prize for Wembley.