Posted: 9/10/2013


       It was 1904 and Frenchman Jules Rimet formed FIFA and became its first President and in 1930 had thirteen teams in Montevideo, Uruguay for the first Mundial.  In 1946 the trophy was renamed in his honour and in 1970 was retired and kept by triple winner Brazil.

      Gerard Depardieu who fled across the border to Belgium as a tax exile and since then has been granted Russian citizenship, is in Paris to shoot opening scenes. He is strolling over the Alexander lll Bridge in a three piece suit with a small clock on a chain tucked in his waistcoat pocket.

      The working title is F2014 and some say it will be called A MEN'S DREAM. It will tell the story of three of the FIFA Presidents. Sepp Blatter is being portrayed by one of my favourite actors Tim Roth: Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Planet of the Apes and the movie I enjoyed seeing him in, ROB ROY 1995, when he played the wicked Englishman Archibald Cunningham who was slain in a dramatic and climatic sword fight by Liam Neeson as Rob.

      The even more wicked Joao Havelange will be played by Sam Neil: Jurassic Park l,ll,ll, Hunt for Red October and more.  Directed by Frederic Auburtin it is being shot in France, Switzerland and Brazil and is due out around the FIFA WORLD CUP next year that made two of those three Presidents very rich.

      Can't wait to see if Joao and Sepp meet a nasty ending!! Same make up artists as Planet of the Apes?

       Yet another footy movie recently released and set in the exotic location of American Samoa. The national team, all amateur, is famous for the 31-0 defeat by Australia in 2001 during a sequence of 30 straight defeats with goals difference of 217, that can be seen on U TUBE. It tells the story of the team's struggle to finally win a match. It was achieved on November 22nd, 2011 in a preliminary OCEANIA World Cup 2014 tournament in neighbouring Samoa.  Under the coaching of former USA u20 team Dutch born hardliner Thomas Rongen a PALAGI. a white foreigner,they trained for three months and even agreed to play on Sundays and never go near McDonalds.

     Documentary makers Mike Brett, Steve Jamison and Kristian Brodie. NEXT GOAL WINS.  American Samoa has a total population of 55,000 with mass unemployment and overweight kids. I once spent an hour in American Samoa in the tiny thatched roof open airport terminal at Pago-Pago a refueling stop on Pan-Am flight from Honolulu to Auckland.

     He persuaded Nicky Salapu, the goalkeeper against Australia, to return home from Seattle where he was working in a grocery store, to play again.  Their star player came home from a job in the US military 6,000 miles away and his best defender was a trans gender fa'afafui player, Johnny 'Jayiah' Saelua.  They had given up 26 goals in 5 matches in the South Pacific Games but in the first FIFA qualifier against Tonga in Apia, Samoa they won 2-1, and tied their next match 1-1 against The Cook Islands.

    They didn't make it but made history. Rongen, who had coached 4 MLS teams left after his loan contract ended and became an international name and got a job as development director at Toronto FC in the MLS. He thought that he had learned as much as the players had from his experience. His daughter was killed in a road accident in 2004 and with a 20 mph speed limit in Pago Pago he slowed down from the rush of Washington D.C. traffic. He was an atheist in an island of tradition and religion.

 It inspired many local mothers to start playing themselves and enrolling their kids in soccer camps.