Posted: 7/28/2013


     On a day when football spread its wings around the globe and we had Barcelona beating Valerenga in Oslo 7-0, on V.I.F's 100th birthday at Ullevaal, Liverpool beating Thailand 3-0 in Bangkok, USA downing Panama 1-0 at Soldiers Field in Chicago on US Soccer's 100th Anniversay, the WORLDS OLDEST DERBY WAS TAKING PLACE in South Yorkshire at Sheffield FC. WHERE FOOTBALL KICKED OFF in 1857.

    The occasion was DERBY DAY between the two oldest clubs in the world, SHEFFIELD FC and HALLAM FC. played since Hallam were born, three years later than their cross city rivals.  On the 156th anniversary of Sheffield FC they have a new kit supplier HUMMEL the Danish dynamite brand (translates as bumble bee).

    December 26th 1860 saw the world's first derby at Sandygate Road which is the oldest football ground in the world, and still the home of Hallam FC.  16 a side until it got dark with SFC the visitors prevailing 2-0.  CLUB's founders Nathaniel Creswick and William Prest both played. Two more derbies the same season with David Sellar scoring the first recorded goal in another 2-0 win in the snow in February, and a first Hallam success in March at East Bank Road, 3-0 with Hallam fielding 18 to Club's 15 players.

    1n 1862 the Battle of Bramall Lane when Nathaniel Creswick was accidentally punched by Waterfall.  There was a riot, and as a punishment Waterfall was sent to guard the goal. Hallam FC, The Countrymen, own the oldest known trophy in the world the Thomas Youdan Cup since 1867. Twelve local teams took part. A then world record of 3,000 paying spectators 3d (1 1/2 p)each saw Hallam beat Mackenzie and then Norfolk Park to win the World's First Ever Football Competition.

    The trophy was lost but in 1997 it was found at an antique dealer's in Scotland and 'purchased' for 2,000.00 and brought home to Sandygate.

     Sheffield FC are now in |The Evo-Stik League Div. One South, two tiers above their rivals, but the derbies are as fiercly fought as ever.  Hallam scored early on Saturday to take a 1-0 lead but it finished 4-2 in Club's favour. I was there for over 8 hours from 1.00pm  when we had a veterans game between the two clubs. Sheffield FCveterans had played in the San Siro in Milan not too long ago and like to travel.  We had Music Meets Football when former England winger Chris Waddle led out a team of All Stars against Reverend and The Makers musical celebrities.

   The MAIN EVENT kicked off at 6.00pm to allow a band of about 70 plus 1 FC Nurnberg fans from Franconia, Bavaria come directly from Elland Road where their team had defeated Leeds United 2-0.  Compereing all this fun was Ian Feeley a transplanted Londoner who was in fine voice reporting goals and encouraging souvenir and beer sales. I LOVE Nuremberg bratwurst. I buy authentic Dulano Nuremberg bratwurst at LIDL.  I bought a sausage bap in the beer garden and later went inside to buy a pint of draught cider. I couldn't find a 10 note I swore I had in my pocket. The landylady produced one and said they had found it outside. Honest folk in South Yorkshire.

     The Club own The Coach & Horses pub with its Thornbridge Ales which is attached to the ground. Beer in a plastic cup is allowed inside the ground. To finish off the day we had The Chase, with lead singer Josh Feeley and his boy band of renown, Ben Glynn on bass, Liam Spinks and Elliott Meek on guitars and Joe Lawson on drums, playing in the beer garden for an hour followed by Heart Shakes.

   Can't wait until next season. Souvenir shirts, programmes, scarves, team jourseys, badges and more from