Posted: 7/20/2013


     I'm not sure what William Shakespeare would have made of FIFA President Sepp Blatter and his wheeling and dealing and dastardly deeds.

     It was the opening soliloquy of RICHARD lll, the future king, who thought that he was misunderstood and disliked. He was only sovereign for two years before being slain at the Battle of Bosworth Fields in 1485, stripped naked and taken on the back of a horse to Leicester. As we now know, he was recently found under a parking lot in that city and will be buried in the cathedral there, despite a petition to move him to his native Yorkshire and York Minster. Will a similar fate befall the head of FIFA and his sidekick Secretary General Jerome Valcke, his French born sidekick and gauletier?

     Blatter this week announced that he would back a move from summer to winter for the 2022 World Cup in QATAR. He was supported by UEFA boss Michel Platini and later by the DFB and FC Bayern chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. The Barclays English Premier League are adamently opposed to the switch.

     A week or so ago in the small village of Going, population 2,000 near the Austria/German border, Franz Beckenbauer held a fussball get together on sport, media and the economy and Blatter made his pro winter speech. The Qataris had planned for a summer World Cup with massive stadium air conditioning, but how can you air condition a country?   Michel's 33 year old son Laurent was soon given a huge salary to work for them, and Franz had meetings with Angela Merkel about the nice 'earner' if the Germans won the right to put in a Qatari transport rail system, which they are going to do.

     Since the 2022 Winter Olympics are scheduled for early in that year, then this might create another problem that the sponsors and TV companies could object to.. Who knows, maybe the sheikdom will run out of water and return to the desert sands?  With sharia law locking up tourists for drinking and kissing and cuddling and the Israeli national team getting stronger and perhaps qualifying, we hopefully might be in for a rethink.

    USA, Australia, Japan, South Korea in particular should ask for a new bid vote when Blatter and his executive committee meet in October to vote on his proposals. While we are at i,t why not publish ALL FIFA Exec salaries and expense accounts, and ask them all, except for the aging despot at the top, to travel business class instead of first class, and to donate all their air miles TO ME, who can use them or distribute them to MY FRIENDS and fans that do ME favours.

    WELL,  that's the best idea I have had in years.