Posted: 4/30/2013


       It may have escaped your notice in these end of season exciting times, but another  FIFA crook hit the dust recently.

       Faced with exposure instead of just rumours over financial naughtiness, Nicolas Leoz of Paraguay, a very senior VP of FIFA since 1998 and the President of CONMEBOL the South American Confederation since 1986, resigned all his positions, sighting ill health. At 86 he had hung on to power and influence for years.   Andrew Jennings the presenter of FIFA's Dirty Secrets: Panorama programme claimed the man took bribes in the 1990's regarding the awarding of TV rights for the FIFA World Cup and was paid $730,000 by the failed Swiss ISL company.

      Lord Triesman in England had accused him of wanting an honorary knighthood in return for a vote for England, and that the F.A. Cup should be named after him. However, the lord is a shamed member of the aristocracy too.

      Incredibly, half the FIFA EXECS who voted for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups in Russia and Qatar are now either dismissed or resigned to save their necks.

      Jack Warner, who resigned the Presidency of CONCACAF two years ago, last week also resigned as National Security Minister of Trinidad & Tobago. He has been accused by CONCACAF of stealing $15 million of their money without authorization.   It has also been revealed that the massive 'loan' paid to him to build a CONCACAF training facility on land that he owned in Trinidad, was never repaid.

    It is not actually owned by CONCACAF but by himself and that he named it the Joao Havelange Centre after the disgraced former FIFA President after 'doing a deal' with him. If you look at a map of the Caribbean it is not exactly at the centre of anything.   One of Warner's sons is 'helping the FBI', at the moment to see who profited and how much.

    At the last meeting of the FIFA Independent Oversight Committee prior to the upcoming FIFA  meeting on May 31 in Mauritius, a Canadian member, Alexandra Wrage, resigned. She claimed that it was frustrating to have all the committee's recommendations waterered down or ignored by Sepp Blatter. She is the founder of TRACE International, a business anti-bribery group.

     They had asked for 1.  A toughening up of proceedures for deciding future World Cup locations. 2. Ensuring independent oversight of FIFA's powerful executive committee. 3 Disclosure of how much Sepp Blatter and other executives are paid. 4. Integrity over the choice of future executives.

    At the moment each FIFA Exec. has a secret FIFA bank account to draw upon.

    Last week in Panama City, US Soccer President Sunil Gulat ,i still only 53,born in Allahabad, India, was narrowly elected as the CONCACAF VP to the 25 person FIFA Executive by a one vote margin. The Columbia NY University senior economics professor will hopefully bring some openess and sanity to the world body