Posted: 4/24/2013


        It was a warm afternoon in Munich, 30th August 1972 and The Olympic Park in Munich was buzzing with colour and excitement. At the Olympiastadion we were watching West Germany v USA in the third matches of the first round. Next door Mark Spitz was on the way to winning 7 gold medals in the Swimming Hall, and the unarmed security officials in their blue suits and berets looked in place among the pastel coloured theme of the park.

       It was my third football match of the week and West Germans had just won 3-0 over Morocco and USA lost 3-0 to Malaysia.  The Americans were college kids while the Germans, in order to keep them 'amateur' before turning pro, were paid money into secret Swiss bank accounts by sponsors Adidas and a Bavarian department store.

      Shep Messing was in goal for USA, a Harvard student who kept a boa constrictor in his dorm room.  It was one way traffic, 7-0 to the home side, as the few American supporters in the 65,000 crowd chanted Profi ! Profi! Profi !. Bernd Nickel scored four goals and future coach Ottmar Hitzfeld one.

     West Germany won the group with 6 points from 3 matches, but faced East Germany in the second round and lost 3-2. They also tied Mexico 1-1 and lost 4-1 to Hungary. Poland beat Hungary 2-1 in the final with the Soviet Union and East Germany getting the bronze. Some famous future names including present Bayern President Uli Hoeness whose future professional career included the 1974 World Cup winning squad. The referee was my friend Marco Antonio Dorantes from Mexico City.

     Less than a week later on September 5th in the Olympic Village the Black September terrorists struck and murdered Israeli athletes.

     Hoeness played 250 Bundeliga matches and scored 86 goals.Iin the 1974 World Cup final in Olympiastadion he brought down Johann Cruyff in the first minute and Holland opened the scoring from the subsequent penalty. West Germany won 2-1. He won 36 caps for West Germany and played in two European Championships and won three Bundesliga titles and three European Cups. In the 1974 final he scored twice in the 4-0 win over Atletico Madrid. The next year in Paris, Bayern beat Leeds United and he received a vicious tackle from which he never fully recovered. He retired at 27 and went to work for FC Bayern. In 1982 he was the only surviver of a light aircraft crash

      Well today the same Uli Hoeness age 61, has been charged by the authorities for not paying taxes and owing maybe 3 million Euros and hiding money in Swiss banks. Last night he was wearing his red and white Bayern scarf in the Presidential tribune at Allianz Arena for the 4-0 mauling of Barcelona. The son of a butcher from Ulm he has made a fortune in the family bratwurst business and the stock market.

     A recent Swiss-German tax agreement was supposed to ensure the anonimity of those who voluntered and turned themselves in, but this was scuppered by the Social Democrats. He had previously stated " Our players play the first 45 minutes of each match for the tax authorities. I know it is stupid but I pay all my taxes".

     Stadelheim Prison in the Munich suburb of Geising is where Hoeness may end up. A notorious place where in the 1930s and 1940s over 1,000 enemies of the Nazis were hanged and where some prominent white collar inmates languish today.

      Last night in the Allianz the fans were singing FI-NALE  to the tune of VO-LARE as they prepare for Wembley on 25th May.  A WURST fate may in store for Uli. !!!