Posted: 3/10/2013


         It was a press release this morning by GoalEurope that announced that David Beckham was first among equals, and the richest player on its list, followed by Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

      Well managed Becks is aided by Simon Fuller, and he is supposedly worth about 175 million. Manchester United's Wayne Rooney is 7th worth 50 million and Rio Ferdinand 10th worth 42 million.

     Lionel Messi 115 million, Ronaldo 112 million, 4th is Kaka 66.5 million, 5th Ronaldinho 63 million, 6th Samuel Eto'o 52 million, 8th Zlatan Ibrahamovic 47 million, 9th Rivaldo 45 million. According too Amar Singh of, Beckham, now with PSG earns 100,000 A DAY !

     The top 50 earners are worth 1.75 BILLION, more than the GDP of Liberia, for example.

    At the other end of the scale was a more alarming announcement last week by XPRO a charity for ex players on hard times. Three out of five Premiership players, who were earning an average of 30,000.00 a week, will be bankrupt in 5 years, and one in three divorced within a year of being released. XPRO CEO  Geoff Scott sees many professionals getting bad investment advice with unregulated  business investments. He has 129 clients in very serious financial trouble, and 125 of them age 25 or under. Regarding health matters 4 out of five ex pros suffer from osteoarthritis, 1,000 TIMES more common than in an average profession.

     Now for some positive news from Beswicks Sports based in Stoke on Trent.  They have teamed up with UCFM Buckingham New University to open a second campus after the successful one at Turf Moor, home of Burnley FC. with degree courses in football and sports administration. There are about 350 students there in East Lancashire. A new campus will open up at Wembley Stadium in August 2014 with up to 1,500 students within 5 years. Teamed with Wembley National Stadium, owned by The Football Association. it will feature 60,000 square feet on 4 floors including lecture rooms, a 350 seat refectory, library and more. Join the student football team...there is a nice grass pitch on campus!!!

   They are accepting applications already.