Posted: 12/11/2012


       Bad news from the Morumbi Stadium in Sao Paulo on Wednesday when the 2nd leg of the Copasudamericana match was abandoned at half time when visitors Tigre from Argentina refused to come onto the pitch for the second half. They were losing 2-0 and coach Nestor Gorisito refused to play. "My players and officials were clubbed by the police and two revolvers were drawn, That's crazy".      

      Romario has now turned politician in the Congress in Brazilia and wants action taken against those in the CBF- Confederation Brasiliana de Futebol who have taken bribes and cuts from NIKE and other sponsors of the national team.

     He also thinks that the recent election of Jose Maria Marin as the CBF President was also flawed, after he quickly succeeded his pal Ricardo Teixera to the position, after Teixiera hurridely stepped down and fled to his house in Miami FL, and also from his post as head of FIFA World Cup 2014 local committee after many scandals.

    In a few days the former great players had obtained 188 votes in Congress, more than the 177 required to form a commission.

    I have been thinking back to my very first visit to Brazil in early 1980 after flying from Montevideo and the 8 nation Mundealito, the 50th Anniversity of World Cup 1950 at the Estadio Centenario. After a couple of days in Rio de Janeiro I flew on a small plane from Santos Dumont Airport to Ribeirao Preto in north eastern Sao Paolo State. The city is called  "The California of Brazil' due to its agrobusiness and climate. There was a 4 team youth tournament and I asked the taxi driver at the small airport for help. He took me to the hotel where the Brazilian team were staying.

    The hotel manager took me to meet the Brazilian coach who has having lunch with his team. I was invited to sit down and enjoy the meal with them. I was taken to the stadium where the city police chief made me welcome. The next day he gave me a tour of his city and a visit to a sugar cane plantation where the product was used in gasoline.

    The local club is called Botafogo, but not to be confused with the famous one with the same name in Rio de Janeiro. Their claim to INFAMY was when they played a match at Vila Belmiro stadium at FC Santos and lost 11-0, with Pele scoring EIGHT TIMES.