Posted: 11/30/2012


      For about R2.40  for 100 grammes or R25 for all you can eat buffet at lunchtime you can fill up in the many Kilo Cafes in Rio de Janeiro. At the cities MOTELS you can rent by the hour and pick up a woman or take your partner. After all may couples live with their parents and don`t get much privacy.

     Make sure that you book a HOTEL and dont get a suprise on arrival. If it says nobody under 18 allowed you get the idea.

    I am staying in a glitsy sort of place that used to be a motel but is now a hotel. Fabulous breakfast buffet with lots of exotic fruit and many choces of home made breads and muffinns. Banana muffins, coconut muffins, chocolate and corn ones, plus lots of hot drinks and freshly squeezes orange, payaya, strawberry and more. You can live all day on that fare and an inexpensive meal in the evening.

    Getting around there are thousands of taxis and buses. Buses cahrge R2.75 or R3.15, R.4.10 and combie tickets to uses on Metro Rio for about R5. Internet prices are cheaper. The Metro takes you to Maracana in 10 minutes and 4 stops and all the may out to Ipanema and Botafogo, Flamengo, Copacabana and more in between. They you use your combi ticket to Barra way on the southern beaches. Bara do Tijuca is where the main Olympic site is being built on an old auto racetrack. Ar 5pm it took me almost 3 hours... never again thank you, despite all the huge shopping malls.

    I missed the CBF press conference to announce the new Selecao coaching duo.. a very popular choice as well. Big Phil Scolari and his sidekick Carlos Alberto Perreira. Both World Cup winning managers from the past. Phil in 2002 and Carlos in 1994. I spoke to him at SOCCEREX on Monday and he is a very gracious man.

    The country´s most popular club is Flamengo and they had a problem yesterday. With about 60 million fans they are well supported and have a nice country club home which I have visited before. There was a fire in the gymnasium which is used for gymnastics, volleyball etc and the roof was destroyed.

    At the same time I took the bus to MARACANA and its a gigantic building site. Every 100 metres around the outside are lors of joggers with marker posts from 0m to 1500 m. In the 1960´s the CBF invited Dr Kenneth Cooper of the Cooper Clinic in Dallas to see how he could improve the staying power of the national team. He introduced cardio vascular training and the laps are clled `coopers`in his honour. The roof is complete and I took the elevator 4 floors to see the plans and progress on high as I had done exactly 12 months ago. It is supposed to be comple in 3 months. YOU MUST BE HAVING A LAUGH !!! England are supposed to play there in June, but Jerome Valcke the FIFA General Secretary is not so sure when he visited a week ago and is wary of issuing a certificate. STAY TUNED and look at my photos on FB.