Posted: 10/9/2012


      Copacabana Beach 4 km long, and Atlantic Avenue are like many world famous tourist spots. Enjoy...but beware.  Undesirables walk along the beach looking for something to steal. Do NOT leave anything valuable with your clothes and towel as you take a dip in the Atlantic Ocean, or play fuebol or footvolley

        You also need to put a mat down while you sunbathe. Little, worrying insects crawl around and will bite you. On the promenade unfortunate, misformed beggars will bump into you and throw up their crutches and ask for payment.

       Of course, they won't make the millions that Joao Havalenge, Ricardo Teixiera and others have ripped off the CBF, the Brazilian Olympic Committee and local and national government over the years.

      Last weekend 42 year old Eduardo Paes was re-elected mayor of Rio de Janeiro for another 4 year term. During that time his city will host the 2013 FIFA Confederation Cup, the 2014 FIFA World Cup, and the 2016 Summer Olympics and Paralympics. He is a close ally of Brazil President Dilma Rouseff and a 'new look' in the nations political scene is that 30% of all candidates should be female. In fact in some locations both rivals for mayor are female.  Today, three members of the previous president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, were found guilty of criminal enterprise while in office.

      Getting from the international airport is only possible by road, with the excellant but limited Rio metro system not yet reaching there. The city has been trying to tame the favelas with massive police and military presence, at least in some of them, with the robbers and drug dealers moving to new favelas.

      Earlier this month Prime Minister David Cameron led a delegation to Rio to encourge sports participation and enthusiasm. Two Team GB gold medal boxers, Nicola Adams and Anthony Joshua made the trip. There were over 4,500 gun deaths in Rio State last year, even though it was a 40% reduction in six years. Laureus Sport for Good Foundation has put money and effort and helped boxing and other sports. Local hero Robson Da Silva and US Olympic legend Edwin Moses were also there.

      Futebol is universally popular but there are concerns that other sports will not be well supported with high ticket sales, as was the recent case in London 2012. Many sports administrators were flown to London to study how to run a successful Olympics. Unfortunately 10 of them stole technical details from the London Olympic Organizing Committee and have been convicted and fired.