Posted: 8/12/2012


            Well, it's over and I have enjoyed every minute-how about you? This Closing Ceremony BLOWS MY MIND. AWESOME AND BRITISH.

        Since listening to the radio live from Melbourne 1956 at breakfast time, I have been an enthusiastic Olympian. That Olympics the new media of television felt that as journalists they should not have to pay. I think that British and USA TV were asked to pay about $10,000 and they refused, so no TV. Today they are willing to pay Billions, and NBC in USA recorded the events to show later in evening prime time-so they can charge advertisers much more - and 15% of air time commercials. They flew over 3,500 technicians on 6 plus jumbo jets.

         In contrast BBC TV has 26 commercial free channels plus a few 3D ones to choose from. I am sure the whole world looked at the packed stadiums, exciting contests, passionate fans and glorious backdrops. There have been plenty of free events, the marathons, the cycle road races, the triathalon and open water swimming in The Serpentine and Hyde Park, and through the streets of the capital.

         The main Stadium was full with 80,000 fans even for the morning sessions which has NEVER BEEN SEEN BEFORE at Olympic, World, European and other continental athletic meetings. Even before the MAGNIFICENT wonderfully BRITISH Opening Ceremony, we all had the chance the watch the Olympic torch relay over 70 days with 7,000 bearers. I got the chance to photograph it, touch it and have my photo taken with it.

        Eighty five of the 204 competing nations won a medal or more, with Cyprus, Guatemala and Grenada for the first time. They are heavy. The medals weigh 400 grammes.

        Yesterday the Prime Minister David Cameron announced that funding via the National  Lottery would continue for the NEXT SIX YEARS and a minimum of 126 million pounds annually and that Lord Sebastion Coe, 1,500 metre winner in 1980 and 1984 and head of the London Organizing Committee  has been appointed  BRITISH OLYMPIC LEGACY ADVISER.

        In four years THE BIG SHOW moves to Rio de Janeiro. Opening and Closing Ceremony and football finals at MARACANA STADIUM. Fair enough, BUT the Athletics will be held at Stadium JOAO HAVELANGE, now used for football until Maracana is upgraded for FIFA World Cup 2012 and built for a recent Pan-Am Games.  After he was found to embezzle millions of FIFA funds, alongside his former son in law Ricardo Teixeira, I hope that they will rename it PELE STADIUM.

         Golf and 7 a side Rugby, for both sexes will be added, and the Olympic Village will have its own beach. BE THERE.