Posted: 7/26/2012


        The news that the Court of Arbitration for Sport had overturned the ban by FIFA on 63 year old Qatari, Mohamed bin Hammam for lack of evidence, was proceeded by the 46 member Asian Football Confederation (AFC) giving him a 30 day ban after an audit by PriceWaterhouseCoopers. He is a native of Doha, Qatar and was involved in the successful bid for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Finals.

        The auditors thought it highly unusual that the disgraced Chairman of the AFC from 2002-2011 and one of the 24 man FIFA Executive Committee from 1996-2011 was mixing his personal money with that of the Confederation. Although he has many personal bank accounts in various countries, he was using the AFC bank account for personal and family expenditures. As for the CAF decision, they thought that it was 'probably likely' that the Qatari was the source of $250,000 given to Jack Warner, but more proof was needed.

        He negotiated over $US1 billion without due dligence, financial records, discussions with committee members or note keeping. His relationship with the AFC marketing rights company World Sports Group was highly unusual. They are headquartered in Singapore and have 8 Asian regional offices, and have over 600 sports days annually, including major soccer, golf and cricket tournaments. Chairman and CEO is Seamus O'Brien. $14 million was allocated to bin Hammam for his 'personal use'. O'Brien is also the boss of the new New York Cosmos and was recently awarded a franchise in the also resurrected NASL.

       A number of AFC countries have complained about the price their fans have to pay WSG to watch FIFA World Cup 2014 qualification matches on cable TV, and certain countries won't be able to watch their national teams compete. Evidently 'less than market value' contracts were signed off by bin Hammam without consultation. One was with the Al-Jazeera satellite network.

       $100,000 payment to his wife, $5,000 for his daughter's cosmetic surgery, his son's honeymoon paid for, $10,000 for a Bulgari watch for himself, $2,000 on 14 shirts for Sepp Blatter, $5,000 for suits for CAF(African) President Issa Hayatou to start with.  Gauran Thapa of Nepal was paid $10,000 Filipino official Jose Mari Martinez $60,000, $50,000 to East Timor official Francisco Kalbuadi Lay , $25,000 to a Bangladeshi official.......  He had his web site. I accessed it but it was down, and led me to 'find Muslim women over 40' and other great deals.

        Of course, the world took notice when he delivered $250,000 to Jack Warner in Trinidad and left town before Jack divided it up into bulging envelopes and handed it out at a Caribbean Football Union meeting as a gift to delegates from MoCONCACAF General Secretary Chuck Blazer shopped him and he withdrew from the FIFA Presidential Race and Warner resigned from all of his football positions.

        Each FIFA EXEC has a secret and almost unlimited bank account in Zurich. Besides an annual stipend of $100,000 they travel first class world wide with nothing but the best on arrival. Warner used to have his wife, two sons,his secretary, his chauffer and othe buddies travel the same way. I remember the fuss created by one son who was only assigned a free junior suite instead of a full size one at a recent FIFA World Cup.

       We have been 'treated' to the bribes paid to Havelange, his son in law Teixeira, plus Hayatou, CONMEBOL Nicolas Luiz, South American Confederation President from Paraguay and on and on.