Posted: 6/21/2012


      Well, for a team that was given no chance, 7 points and top of the group is just fine by me. It also gives England an extra days rest before they face Italy in Kiev on Sunday.

       They did not play very well, and were outplayed by Ukraine for large periods, and an unforgivable mistake by the referee's assistant when the ball was cleared from OVER THE LINE by John Terry meant a win and three points instead of a tie. ENGLAND 1, UKRAINE 0, PLATINI -10 !!!    

        The President of UEFA has championed the two extra officials behind the goal and on this as in other occasions they have proved to be worthless and expensive business class passengers and NO SUBSTITUTE for HAWK-EYE and the advance of goal line technology. Two years ago in Bloemfontaine, South Africa,  Frank Lampard was denied a goal for England against Germany that clearly went over the line and the referee and his crew were shipped straight back to Europe.  

        The Hungarian crew last night will be on the first flight back home to Budapest for their incompetence. "WE'RE NOT GOING HOME" chanted the 4,000 Three Lions fans, dwarfed in number by the 45,000 Ukrainian ones, but not out sung. 

          GREAT NEWS FOR SPORTS FANS IN SWEDEN, UKRAINE AND ELSEWHERE THOUGH!!! At FIFA World Cup 2006 in Germany I was in the Hauptbahnhof, the gigantic main station in Munich. At a large store was the sign " ARTICLES OF THE FAILED".. On sale after the first round and 16 countries on the way home were lots of jerseys, hats, scarves,flags, dolls and more from the teams knocked out. Up to 80% discount. Today in shops from Stockholm to Goteborg,to Malmo,to Jonkopping and at shops from Donetsk to Lviv, to Kiev,to Kharkiv you will find yellow and blue 'articles of the failed' for 50% off or more. Discounts in Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Dublin, Zagreb, Warsaw and other European sports shops too.

          More about Nicklas Bentdner's underpants, where he deliberately showed off the word Paddy Power, the Irish betting company for mugs all over. His massive fine was immediately refunded by the company, after their ambush marketing ploy. They have offered the same to any other players. The fact that he was fined more than those associations accused of racist chanting by their fans was not received well by the public. A three game ban for Nicklas by UEFA and a three point deduction to The Dansk Bold Union would have been more appropriate, To today's players real money is like Monopoly money.