Posted: 6/20/2012


       Nobody really expected Ireland to do very well at EURO 2012, their first tournament appearance for a decade, but no p0ints, three losses and a record goals difference is very sad.

      Roy Keane, Man of Cork and sad, failed football manager said that Trappatoni should have made 11 changes for the last match against champions Spain. He sits in a wicker armchair above a restaurant on Castle Square in Old Town Warsaw, with the National Stadium in the background at the trendy ITV outdoor studio as a sullen analyst. You get the feeling that if anybody contradicts him that he will stand up and leave, as he did at FIFA World Cup in Japan/Korea.

      You might want to read TRIGGS: The autobiography of Roy Keane's dog. It's about his dismissal from the 2002 squad and his many run-ins with Sir Alex Ferguson while at Manchester United. Can't wait to read it...NOT !!  Triggs is his beloved Labrador who goes for walks with him outside his mansion at home.  I hope he puts his bed up against the wall so he can never get out of bed the wrong side again.

      Over 40,000 Irish fans supported their team in Poland and were praised by the local population and opposing fans and players for their attitude. Surely worth the FIFA FAIR PLAY award. With their economy in such a mess you wonder where they came up with the money to travel. Did they save on new clothes, shoes, Guinness Light and cigarettes for their young children?.

      The Croatian Football Association was today fined 80,000 Euros for a large group of fans that were guilty of racial chanting. That was 20,000 Euros less than Nicklas Bendtner, the Danish star was for showing off the waistband of his sponsored underwear. He was also suspended for their first World Cup 2014 qualifying match against Czech Republic. England fans jumped for joy when The THREE LIONS equalized against Sweden and spilled over the retaining bar. One fan actually broke his arm. They will be ruled on tomorrow by UEFA.

      They can't use the same excuse when they played to a boring 1-1 draw with France. Their excuse that match was that the bored fans were SLEEPWALKING !!