Posted: 4/16/2012


      It was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and I am looking at where it stood over 2,300 years ago. Built across the harbor in Rhodes in the Aegean The Colossus of Rhodes was a giant man, the Sun God Helios, astride the harbour entrance from 330 BC.

     Unfortunately a great earthquake in 226 BC toppled it into the sea. Today at the entrance are two bronz stags on giant pedastles. In 16th Century BC The Minoans landed here, followed by The Mycenians a century later and many, many more invaders. Alexander The Great and the Persians in 357 BC. 1304 AD The Knights Hospitaliers of Rhodes controlled the island and built a fortress and town that is still standing. Suleiman the Magnificent kicked them out and they eventually settled in Malta. The Ottomans ruled for 400 years.

    More recent history saw the Italians take over in 1912, the Germans invade and haul off 2,000 remaining Jews to be exterminated before The Allies invaded in 1944 and gave the island back to Greece.

    The well preserved old town has a 600 metre long street of shops and I wondered round old Hellenistic harbour ruins, plus Roman, Ottoman, Persian, Byzantium...well worth a visit.   I must have walked 5km to the football stadium and back and stopped at my favourite pub, Bar Vetos, to watch Liverpool come from behind to beat Everton 2-1.

    Sunday was quiet since it is Easter Sunday in the Greek Orthodox Calendar. I hopped on an empty  city bus by the sea and it took me for a one hour drive around the city and suburbs for 1 Euro. In the Old Town I had a fabulous lamb off the bone lunch on a terrace at the Archipelagos Restaurant in Hipocrates Square by the castle gates.