Posted: 4/12/2012


      It's a REALLY good deal. Almost 4 hour flight across the length of Europe and the Aegean Sea from Leeds (LBA) and we arrive in KOS, a large Greek island just off the south west coast of Turkey.

      5 pounds, inc, all taxes, and it arrived 15 minutes early. They have even saved weight since my last flight with them by reducing their in flight magazine to pocket size-its still the best in the business with 160 pages of useful tourist information. They did away with in flight food menus and put them in the seriously reduced weighty magazine. Already putting fewer ice cubes in their drinks, encouraging staff to slim, the emergency information card is gone and  the details laminated to the back of the seats.

     Anyway, I am sitting by the pool of my hotel surrounded by 4 admiring friends, two black and white, one ginger and one brown and white, the house cats, The island is full of them and on the narrow roads they have to be quick to get across in one piece. If you like feline road kill, then this is the place. In summer when it is really hot your can find sizzling well cooked Felix ready to eat !! Just scrape them up!

     Strolling along the harbour the next morning I find a couple of cats in a ball, fighting and clawing each other until somebody throws a stone at them. The island and the town are steeped in history, over 3,00 years from the Minoans. It's in the Dodecanese group of islands, and the second biggest after Rhodes. They even sent men and ships to fight in The Trojan Wars and has been invaded numerous times and has suffered from earthquakes.  It the birthplace of the famous physician Hippocrates and there is an old tree still standing under which he used to teach, in the town.

     It fell to the Venetians who sold it on to the Knights of Rhodes who built the impressive castle and ramparts on the quayside around 1315, until The Ottoman Empire invaded 200 years later and held it for four centuries. The old town is still humming with winding streets and a market square and cathedral. The market is ancient and nearby I went to see the ruins of the old harbour which is 400 metres inland and being excavated.

     I had a great Kos mixed grill of lamb, beef and chicken with a Greek draft beer and a complementary ouzo chaser, sitting by the harbour as the sun went down, and the three cats at my feet purred and licked their lips after I had shared some morsels of meat.