Posted: 2/8/2012


       Useless, bad mannered, overpaid, bad language.

       WELL, Fabio Capello may be all of those but really I want to get rid of that Yorkshire prat Sir Dave Richards, from a county that has given so much for the beautiful game. This foul mouthed executive is a sordid reminder of how badly football is run in England. Chairman of the Premier League, FA board member and chairman of the FA International committee.

       As for the highly paid Italian on 6 million a year plus expenses and a car and chauffeur, he should have quit after the debacle in South Africa. According to his English biographer he will walk away with a 1.5 million pay off plus another 1 million for his underworked and overpaid assistants.

        I have stopped attending training sessions of England and any other teams years ago, but if you watch on TV news you see loads of men leaning on fences, sitting on benches and putting balls in nets and collecting red plastic cones.AND GETTING PAID FOR IT- and travelling first class to World Cups.

        Another group I detest are The League Managers Association. They always moan and groan when a member is sacked but remain silent when their members walk out of their contracts such as Larry the Lamb 'the deer in headlights', Simon Grayson, recently fired manager of Leeds United who walked away from club and contract at Blackpool three years ago.

        After two foreign managers, Sven-Goran Eriksson, the serial Swedish shagger 2001-2006, and Fabio the arrogant English language B- minus student, perhaps it is time for an Englishman to take the team to The Euros in Ukraine this June.  We have had some crap Englishmen of course. Kevin Keegan was the fans choice a while ago but was clueless tactically and resigned in the toilets after the last ever match at the old Wembley following a defeat against Germany.  We had Steve McClaren, the Wally with the Brolly- a good tactical coach but not a man manager who was too 'chummy' with his players.

         Stuart Perace has a great and passionate player in his time with England but failed miserable in Denmark last May at the EUFA u21 tournament. With one of the most exciting young squads ever assembled, and credit to Pearce for that at least, he couldn't motivate them to perform to their potential. He is however a loyal servant and will lead England in their next friendly against Holland at Wembley on February 29th.

         I think that instead of Capello, and indeed instead of Sven we should have appointed the present West Brom manager Roy Hodgson. He is multi-lingual and has coached with distinction at the World Cup with Switzerland and with Internazionale Milano in Serie A, plus England, Sweden, UAE, Norway, Finland. Sixteen teams in nine countries.

         He may not be everybodies favourite these days. That honour goes to Harry Redknapp, cleared in court yesterday after a five year police investigation. He has taken Tottenham Hotspur from the bottom of the EPL to the top four and gets on with players, administrators, fans and the media like nobody else. WE SHALL JUST HAVE TO SEE HOW THINGS GO.