Posted: 10/19/2011


      Thursday should be an interesting day in the annals of FIFA, the secretive Swiss based international organization that likes to keep secrets close to it's black heart of darkness.

      Under fire President Sepp Blatter, who has worked in Zurich for 31 years and the last 13 as President, has vowed to make public hitherto documents kept secret after indictments in the Swiss courts over the 2001 collapse of ISL (International Sport and Leisure ) FIFA's former marketing partner.

      The B.B.C. Panorama programme alleged that officials, including former FIFA President Joao Havelange and his then son-in-law Ricardo Teixara, a FIFA executive committee member and chairman of the 2014 World Cup organization accepted bribes. The sum of 65 million in bribes was mentioned in the programme.

     Blatter, to try and show some credibility in his proposed future zero tolerance agenda, will show that senior FIFA officials took kick backs on World Cup television and sponsorship deals in the 1990's. Blatter instructed FIFA lawyers to settle the case with the Swiss courts in Zug last year at a cost of SwFr 5.5 million(about 3.9 million) to protect the identities of those named individual bung takers.

     At the time, bribery was not a criminal offence in Switzerland. Brazilian Federal Police are also investigating allegations that Texeira laundered $6 million that he received through a Liechtenstein-based company called SANUD. Another FIFA executive, the anti semitic Julio Grondona of Argentina is the subject of a separate fraud and money laundering investigation. Yet another,Nicolas Leoz  Paraguay President of CONMOBAL the South American confederation is also possibly going to be named and shamed tomorrow. Africa is also going to get the treatment with the Executive member Issa Hayadou.

     At the moment the 23 FIFA executive committee members are appointed and it is proposed that they should be elected by the 208 member associations instead. Also that the numbers be increased to 24 with a a mandetory woman member for the very first time

      After the outrage over the awarding of the 2018 and 20122 FIFA World Cups to Russia and Qautar, by secret ballot by the committee, the future awarding of World Cups would be voted on by the whole congress instead.

     Transparency International, the anti-corruption watchdog gave a damning report on FIFA and its activities and secrecy.

      Disgraced former executive, the very controversial Jack Warner of Trinidad, has vowed to release a TSUNAMI of allegations against Blatter once fellow disgraced Mohamed bin Mammam has resolved his appeal of a life ban in the Court of Arbitration for Sport.   Warner claims that he is owed a six figure a year pension from FIFA. Well how about the ones he presumably gets from CONCACAF, the TTFF (Trinidad and Tobago Football Association) and the Trinidad Department of Education, and one from the T&T Government, where he is still a cabinet minister, once he retires or is kicked out of office??

     FIFA has announced that they will close the Centre of Excellence in Trinidad which his son runs but which was placed at one end of the Caribbean islands instead of the centre and is used very little. It was supposed to be self sufficient, was bailed out by FIFA and has been a cash cow for the Warner family. Yesterday the Trinidad Express newspaper reported that the TTFF has failed to  pay $4.36 owed to the 2006 FIFA World Cup SOCA Warriors players, ordered by Justice Devindi Rampessal. Warner is named in this judgement as well as current TTFF President Oliver Camps.