Posted: 6/22/2011


      Well, Jack 'the Lad' Warner has resigned from FIFA, CONCACAF and all football activities, and will, in return, no longer be investigated for his many, many wrongdoings.

       To his credit he made Trinidad & Tobago a political force to be reckoned with in the corridors of football power, and the hub of the Caribbean, despite being at one end of the  islands. He decided that increasing criticism at home was going to hurt his ability to keep in power as a cabinet minister. FIFA claims that he will still fly to Zurich next week to be interviewed by former FBI director Louis Freeh, but has since declared that he would 'rather die'.

      Today The Press Association 'leaked' a copy of the 17 page ethics committee report faxed to Warner on 14th June. Three days later Warner resigned. Chairman of the FIFA Ethics Committee  Judge Petrus Damaseb of Namibia found  'comprehensive, convincing and overwhelming evidence' that Mohamed bin Hammam had paid bribes in the Caribbean to support his candidature for FIFA Presidency and that Jack Warner had facilitated it.

       He still owns the buildings that the T&T Association, The CFU and the local CONCACAF offices are located and takes in rents of about $400,000 a year, and still owns a local pro club FC Joe Public and his family travel agency SIMPAUL, owns hotels, catering companies and more, that have Caribbean teams as clients. He persuaded the CFU to build a football and sports training complex called the Dr. Joao Havelange Centre of Excellence in his home town. He received a loan from FIFA to build it, which was never paid back and eventually written off. It should have been somewhere centrally located and easy to get to, maybe Puerto Rico, and is little used and a disasterous white elephant.

       In November 1973 Haiti hosted the CONCACAF play-offs for 6 teams hoping to go to the World Cup in West Germany in 1974. According to friends who were there, Trinidad was by far the best team. They came in 2nd to the hosts after reportedly some 'bent' refereeing. I stayed in the same Sportschule Grunwald in Munich at the same time as the Haitians during the Cup in 1974 and watched them play Italy in Olympiastadion, and two years later visited Haiti for some 1978 play-offs.

     If Warner does NOT show up in Zurich and cooperate with Freeh, will FIFA reconsider their decision to not continue investigating him? PROBABLY NOT !