Posted: 6/4/2011


          That was the famous statement by BBC TV commentator Kenneth Wolstenholme as Geoff Hurst blasted England's 4th goal from the edge of the penalty area in extra time at Wembley in 1966 to beat West Germany and win the World Cup for the only time.

         I was in the stadium that June afternoon and he was referring to the fact that a few England fans had run onto the pitch before the final goal thinking that the referee had blown for the end of the match.  Last Saturday evening at the new Wembley Stadium we had 11 Manchester United players running around the pitch thinking and knowing it was all over as they chased Barcelona shadows, to get runner-up medals.

          It may not be all over at CONCACAF, where we have had daily press statements out of their Trump Tower headquarters.  Whistleblower Chuck Blazer, who has been instrumental in making the confederation a much improved organiazation, seems to be winning the 'war'. with a great deal of support from countries that really matter.

          Lisle Austin, the Jack Warner cronie from Barbados, who tried to fire Blazer from his job as General Secretary, had his action overruled within hours. Today the Executive Committee moved further to support Blazer and voted to suspend Austin from his recent role as acting CONCACAF President and from all football activities world-wide.

         Warner is also under suspension world wide, but has been making noises from his base in Port of Spain, Trinidad.  He has a lot of support in some of the island federations, but not in North and Central America. Austin has been replaced as acting President by the Honduran. Alfredo Hawit.

             A litte bit of history. Dominica, population only 72,000, had a football President called Dexter Freeman. Dominica was named by Christopher Columbus when he spotted it on a Sunday, November 3 1493. (Italian for Sunday). Jack Warner flew in to demand that he be replaced by his buddy Patrick John. John had been President of his island nation for six years before losing an election. He then tried to overthrow the new government with OPERATION RED DOG. or Bayou of Pigs!

            He hired Klu Klux Klan leaders Don Black and Wolfgang Droege. Unfortunately for them they were arrested by federal agents in New Orleans with explosives, guns, ammunition, Nazi regalia and more. The idea was to build lucrative casinos and legalize prostitution. Patrick John was jailed for 12 years but released from prison after 9 years.

             Warner made John a CONCACAF Hall of Fame member and had him replace Freeman as federation President. He holds that position to this day. At the ABFA (Antigua and Barbuda FA). Warner flew in and stated that he would fine them $170,000 and ban them from international matches if they didn't vote in Chet Green, a VERY shady pal, as President. BELIEVE IT OR NOT !!

                On Sunday, June 5th, the 22nd GOLD CUP kicks off with a double header at a sold-out Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington,Texas: Costa Rica v Cuba, followed by Mexico v El Salvador.