Posted: 6/1/2011


       Everybody knows that Switzerland is a landlocked nation that has an army and an air force but no navy.  There are a few non-military patrol boats in the bigger lakes, probably to check for fishing licences and nude sun bathing on yachts and drunken sailors.

        President Sepp Blatter, bidding for a fourth term at the age of 75, is a native of VISP, but has registerd his residence in the Swiss canton with the lowest tax, since they all differ, even though he doesn't live there.  Blatter refuses to reveal his salary or expenses, and even has his taxes paid by FIFA.

        He was brought into the organization by sponsor ADIDAS, and its then boss Horst Dassler,as development director, from Longines, to basically make life difficult for then FIFA secretary Helmut Kaiser. He had an office away from 11 Hitzigweg on Sonnenberg to undermind the secretariat with the authority and backing of President Dr Joao Havelange who was often away at his home and office in Rio de Janeiro. TALK ABOUT SECRECY !! Sepp dated Kaiser's only daughter and married her without telling her parents or inviting them to the wedding. They found out later from friends while shopping.

         As Blatter was re-elected for a fourth term today, his only child, his daughter, and only grandchild presented him with a bouquet of flowers on the way to the podium.

         English F.A. Chairman, David Bernstein, had earlier taken to the microphone to ask the delegates, representing 208 associations, to postpone the election in order to find an other candidate. Asian federation boss Mohamed bin Hammam had earlier withdrawn, on 'advice' from the Emir of Qatar, his nation, and of course was later suspended by FIFA. 22 associations did NOT vote for him today, enough for two football teams.

          Bernstein, who is not a great public speaker, got little support. We even had delegates from such soccer minnows as Congo, Fiji and Cyprus speak in support of Blatter, and senior vice-president Julio Grondona, President of the Argentine F.A, and an admitted anti-semite, denounced England and it's football.

         The great story overnight was when acting CONCACAF President Lisle Austin, had 'terminated' General Secretary Chuck Blazer, the whistleblower. 40 minutes later the little pimple on the CONCACAF elephant's bottom, from Georgetown, Barbados, reversed his stupid and hasty decision.  This week Blazer is the fans hero.  It was he, then an up and coming football administrator in New York,  who in 1990 persuaded Jack Warner to run for President of CONCACAF. The incumbent,  Joachin Soria Terrazes of Mexico had, with his Mexican football mafia, run the organization for over 20 years. Chuck is a wealthy businessman, and lives in an apartment in Trump Tower.

        He won, appointed Blazer as General Secretary, and moved the HQ from Guatemala City to Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in NYC, and was responsible for increasing annual revenues from about $140,000 to $40 million. I once visited the old CONCACAF office, above a porno theatre in a seedy part of Guatemala City and it is nothing like Trump Tower!!!