Posted: 5/31/2011


          In the mid 70's I was visiting an old friend Marco and his wife in Mexico City and we went to a CONCACAF meeting at the Mexican Federation's training centre in the shadow of Estadio Azteca. Marco was a distinguished FIFA referee and officiated at both the 1972 and 1976 Olympic Games. At lunch we adjourned for a buffet and I sat down with Marco and a couple of delegates from the Caribbean at a small table, as waiters hovered over us with cool drinks.

        One of the gentleman was from Suriname named Andre Kamperveen. He had been a player, a coach, the technical director of his national team, Minister of Sport, the President of the Caribbean Football Union and was a vice-president of FIFA.

       Those titles didn't save him!! He only had a few years left to live. One night he was arrested, dragged from his home, taken to the beach and executed by rival politicians' thugs!!!!

       That was in December 1982. About 20 years later when things had calmed down, the National Stadium in Paramaribo was renamed the Andre Kamperveen Stadium. The man who inaugurated the newly named stadium was the other gentleman at my table that day in Mexico City. He was at the time a history teacher in Port of Spain, Trinidad, but who went on to fame, fortune and this week MISFORTUNE!!. A true Pirate of the Caribbean. None other that JACK WARNER, Minister of Roads and Transport, President of CONCACAF and Vice-President of FIFA !!!

     What is happening this week in Zurich, Switzerland is an ongoing tale of drama, corruption and nonsense, which changes by the hour!!!

       We have all heard the charges, denials, and evidence of payouts to 50 delegates from 25 member federations of the Caribbean Football Union in Port of Spain on May 10-11. Mohamed bin Hammam from Qatar wired about $350,000 to Jack's office to distribute to pay for acccommodation and air fares for delegates. Jack, whose family own a travel agency with well documented ticket selling, sent a message to them all in advance. If they did not make travel and accommodation arrangements through his company, they might not have their expenses refunded. Of course, the actual cost was nearer $250,000, SO WHAT HAPPENED TO THE REST ???

      By the way, Warner, owns lots of property in Trinidad and in Costa Rica, USA and elsewhere, including the offices of the T & T Football Federation, and The CFU, who pay rent to him.