Posted: 3/22/2011


      It's got to be political suicide, and quite amusing. For those of you who have enjoyed a donkey ride on the beach in Blackpool beneath Blackpool Tower in their younger days, they are part of the scene, along with deck chairs, ice cream, Blackpool rock,candy floss, and trams.

      Councillor Simon Blackburn is a 37 year old Labour councillor in the town, but supports the club of his name sake, Blackburn Rovers, 30 miles away. Well, nobody is perfect!!  He was at the local Premiership Derby at Ewood Park between Rovers and Blackpool last Saturday afternoon and was not amused.

       The Seasiders had taken a two goal lead through the class of Charlie Adam, and he sent a message out to friends on Facebook.  "Oh my actual God.. the donkey botherers are 2-0 up thanks to two of the worst refereeing decisons ever." Well, by mistake it went out on general release and the storm started.

      It referred to Seasiders fans and players having sex with those lovable, docile creatures. The Tory councillors made the most of it and asked him to resign, and the fans were not amused. " "Unbelievable, stupid, ridiculous, crass".(and that was just what the donkeys had to say!!) He is up for election on May 4th a little over two weeks prior to the end of the season, with both clubs trying to avoid relegation. Blackburn tied the match 2-2 with a couple of second half goals.

      Seasiders fans had a giant tangerine and white banner at the match. "Jesus satisfied 5,000 with loaves and fishes: Ian Holloway satisfies million with 11 tangerines. Come May 20th we certainly hope so,