Posted: 2/18/2011


     May 28th is the day when the UEFA Champons League Final will return to Wembley Stadium

     Come and join me in my Executive Suite, a snip at only 80,000.00.  I have 20 seats and you can come and join me if you pay me ONLY 4,226. That will pay for my ticket, BUT you get a free programme. Prices have doubled in 2 years.  You can get in cheaper, but not with me and a great conversation and my autograph.  11.000 tickets are being made available next week to supporters across Europe by ballot for ONLY 300.00 for a category one ticket, 225.00 for a category two, and 150.00 for a category three. Administrative fee of 26 is added plus an extra of 10.00 for non Europeans.  So you fans from Somalia, Haiti, Bangladesh will have to pay the same as rich Saudi princes.

      In 2009 in Rome the category three tickets were 90.00 for example. At the 1966 World Cup Final at Wembley category three were 1.00. I paid 2.50 for a seat near the royal box. In fact I attended 9 matches in London, Manchester, Middlesborough and Sheffield for a grand total of 8.00, including the final.

       Michel Platinii the UEFA President sent his poodle, Italian Giorgio Marchetti,the UEFA Director of Competitions to a press conference in London to explain the rise in prices. Marchetti, is one of the ERMO'S of NYON, where UEFA is headquartered. ERMO (Easily Replaceable Minor Officials). You can identify them. They are always attached to a cell phone talking rubbish to each other.

      Of the 86,000 capacity for the final, 50,000 will be split evenly between the two finalists. Platini  has moved the final to a Saturday from a Wednesday, so that more children can attend. ONLY 250 seats will be made available to children, at a cost of 338.00 for a combined adult-child ticket.

     At the recent Superbowl in Arlington, Texas, tickets were $500.00-$750,00, so I am told, but that was an event, like a Justin Bieber concert, not a world sport!. Income from the event is expected to raise 14 million, three million more that in Madrid last year.

     Contact me fast, AND I won't charge extra to sit in the prime seats either side of me!!!