Posted: 2/11/2011
Title: 2022


        Let us jump forward eleven years to the FIFA World Cup 2022 scheduled for Doha, QATAR.

        Well, that's a long way ahead and after a visit to Gypsy Rose Lee, who read my tea leaves on the Golden Mile at Blackpool and looked into her crystal ball, there will be BIG changes in world football. The 2014 World Cup will be taken away from Brazil due to the crime and the fact that planned stadiums will not be built, and will be moved to USA, which has plenty of stadiums already built.

       ALSO, the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia will also be played in USA, since Russia implodes.  President Putin asked his staff to cover him in chocolate and he and they ate him, including his 'naughty bits' ! At the same time the wealthy part of the country, the east and Siberia, broke away and created the new country of SIBERSKI, capital IRKUTSK, and the new football federation joined AFC, the Asian Confederation.

      One result is that the the South American and European Confederations broke away from FIFA, which is left with OFC-Oceana, AFC-Asia, CAF -Africa,and  CONCACAF,   There are also problems in the Middle East. USA has left Afghanistan and taken over the Saudi oil fields by force-about time too!!.  The World Cup has been reduced to just 16 countries in QATAR, and each team has been asked to bring its own bottled water, such is the shortage. Nearby DUBAI is a ghost town, overrun with rats and camels.

     Just one stadium will be held for all the matches, which will consist of double headers in the first round.  Kick offs  at 11.00PM and 1.00AM.     USA, the defending champions, will play the opening match vs Qatar B, followed by Qatar A vs Burundi.   Yankee captain, 22 year old  Brooklyn Beckham will lead his team in the cup, renamed the FIJI WATER WORLD SERIES, with his dad David as coach. David owns the LAS VEGAS FLESH of the MLS and will be assisted by Ruud Gullit, who only likes to work part time anyway-for a full time salary of course. 18 year old Romeo Beckham is on the bench.

      FIFA President Sunil Gulati, who is also chairman of the World Bank, has secured a loan from Indian chicken farmers, to keep FIFA running, since former European countries provided most of the interest, and fan and TV viewership is well down.