Posted: 12/4/2010


       Despite the presence of 'The Three Lions' the Prime Minister, a Future King and the most famous player on the planet, Football will NOT be coming home to England in 2018.

      Many FIFA executive voters had looked one or all three of them straight in the face before the vote at the Messezentrum in Zurich, assuring them of their vote-and then changed their minds. It was the site of the last bid humiliation when the 2006 FIFA World Cup went to Germany.

      Yesterday I dealt with QATAR and the terrible decision for 2022. I neglected to tell you that about 8 months ago that fiefdom signed a 10 year defence alliance with...IRAN ! Yesterday the Qatari's were considering trying to change the World Cup in 2022 to JANUARY, when it is a little cooler. 

    Michel Platini, who has moaned and groaned at the Premier League, voted for Holland/Belgium in the first round of votes for 2018 and then switched his vote to Russia. He voted for Qatar straight away after pressure from Nicolas Sarkozy who is anxious to sell nuclear plants there. Franz Beckenbauer, voted for Russia and then for Qatar, as Deutsche Bahn is hoping to make billions with new railways in Qatar. He is stepping down from UEFA and FIFA posts soon, but still makes millions annually from ADIDAS and other sponsors, but can spend a few weeks snug in his newly gifted dacha close to that of Vladimir Putin.

    So, FIFA President Sepp Blatter got his way both times and eased the challenge for his presidency from Qatari Mohammed Bin Hammam, President of the AFC Asian Soccer Confederation, who will be satisfied at securing the first ever World Cup for the Middle East and will not now challenge Blatter.

    So much for a great technical bid, millions spent and a superb presentation at FIFA House on the morning of the vote.  THE BID WAS LOST MONTHS AGO.   England is not well liked among many of the influencial countries out of the 208 member associations. It has four of the eight votes on the International Board, whose responsibility it is to change the Laws of the Game. This was a condition of the F.A. returning to FIFA over 60 years ago.

    Yesterday Chile's Harold Mayne-Nichols, who led the inspection team that visited all candidates, phoned Andy Anson the English bid executive to console him. Russia and Qatar got the lowest inspection marks so it was politics and vindictivness that ruled in Zurich.

    England lost 350.00 playing a worthless friendly in Port of Spain, Trinidad to please Jack Warner, and has today told the Thai F.A. that they will not now send their national team to Bangkok in 2011 to celebrate the 65th anniversary of King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Hopes of persuading Worawi Makudi the Thai member of the FIFA executive to give his vote to England were dashed when he voted for Spain/Portugal.

     Others who had promised votes include Marios Lafkaritis of Cyprus, Jacques Anouma of Ivory Coast, Chung Mong Joon of South Korea, and Senes Erzik of Turkey. Jack Warner had promised the votes of himself, Chuck Blazer of USA and Rafael Salguero from Guatemala.

     The FA must also look at itself and the way it is run. Acting Chairman Roger Burden yesterday withrew his candidacy for the permanent job and said he could could never deal with people he didn't trust in FIFA and UEFA.  Many blame the Sunday Times, The BBC Panorama team and the English media in general. THANK GOODNESS WE HAVE A FREE PRESS!

    You 'aint seen nothing yet as the English media look for blood and more exposures.  will be hot on the story.   While many of the English bid team flew on the short one hour trip to Zurich, the BBC team supported by British TV license fees, were sitting in front of them in business class. Get rid of the dead wood. Premier League chairman Sir Dave Richards, who receives 350,000 annually for his PART TIME role should be the first to be sent home to Yorkshire on National Express the coach company that is a sponsor, instead of first class rail and chauffeurs at the end of his wasted trips. 'An unasumming looking little man with a lot to be unassuming about'. HE IS A COMPLETE WASTE OF SPACE.

    How many so called soccer stars such as David Ginola, Andy Cole etc were paid to 'represent' England, and will any bonuses be paid when the 2018 Bid team is let go?  I think it is time for David Dein, former Arsenal big hitter, and an articulate and effective leader, to get the top job at the Football Association.   More later...