Posted: 11/11/2010


   It was supposed to be full of excitement this latest Manchester Derby at Eastlands. Should I stay at home and watch on High Definition TV or take my 3D spectacles and go to the pub 300 yarads away?  Well I stayed at home and the match was a flop, a 0-0 draw which they say is 'as exciting as kissing your sister'.

     The Sky Blues, who had last both derbys the previous season by late United goals were very cautious and only Carlos Tevez showed any spirit, while The Reds were superb in defence but showed little in attack.  This weekend David Haye and Audley Harrison fight at the M.E.N. Arena for the WBC World Heavyweight title. Neither boxer is worthy of lacing up the gloves of past champions. Both need a decent barber and speach teacher and if the football match was anything to go by then Manchester is in for a boring week.

     Roberto Mancini was glad of a draw and their opponents accused him and his megarich club of showing little enthusiasm and self belief. Chris Foy the referee had a superb game and only blew his whistle when necessary, but the real winner on the night was Chelsea.

   Sheikh Mansour has spend 250 million on players but there are many unhappy ones you are overpaid and who can't even get a game. A clear out in January is inevitable.  Sir Alex Ferguson, in his 25th year in charge at Old Trafford still has the upper hand over his 'noisy neighbours' who lack self-belief.  Dimitar Berbatov showed some flair, but not much, and United miss Wayne Rooney, stuck in Portland Oregon at Nike HQ.

    'We are only here for the money'  might be the reason many of the players are at Eastlands. Toure, Milner, Boateng, Silva are good but not THAT good to win the title. A fourth place finish and a Champions League place may be all they can play for.  United can play much better and have some exciting young talent, and they will have to to challenge Chelsea for the title.