Posted: 6/19/2010


     Wayne Rooney, like most of the big stars is in lots of commercials, and has stand-in look a likes for tiresome tasks and shots from behind. WHY DID Capello play the stand-in, in place of the real ROO yesterday one might well ask?.

    The fans had every right to boo at the bore draw in Greenpoint Stadium against supposedly useless North Africans, The Desert Foxes, and young Wayne got upset with the fans. Get used to it rich boy. Nobody picked you for your intellect, but to entertain, enthrall and SCORE LOTS OF GOALS, Simple!!

    All the USA has to do on Wednesday is to tie with The Algerians due to their scoring more goals, whereas England MUST WIN.IT was robbery pure and simple as The Americans fought back from 0-2 down with that marvelous goal from Landon Donovan nearly took the goalie's head off. Coach Bob's son Michael equalized and Maurice Edu's winner was disallowed.  The Malian referee has 17 years of international experience including the recent African Cup of Nations final but a mistake it was'

    F.Y.I. Mali is a land locked nation ruled by a ruthless dictator with the motto 'one man-all the votes'! He has 11 wives and he uses them in the 4-4-2 formation starting with Madame Green his No 1 wife who often drops his balls and is replaced. In his spare time the dictator plays at being a FIFA referee. Birth certificates double as referee licences in Mali so everyone has one!!

    Rumour has it that the US State Department summoned the Malian Ambassader in Washington D.C. and told him to take down his tent and leave town on the next Camel Air flight to Timbukto.  I hope that 1,000 pissed off camels with syphilis and cold sores on their very rough tongues lick his scrotum raw!!

    I am in the Cape Peninsula not far from Cape Town at St. James on the Indian Ocean at False Bay after an overnight double decker Greyhound Sleepliner from Pretoria. Wide aircraft style seats that go way back, free coffee and tea, two airline style bathrooms and a soft ride through the Karoo dry desert until the luxurious Western Cape. Best ever bus ride.

     Two female Dutch fans dressed in national oranje with logos for Bavaria beer from Lady Castelein and Nieuwpoort breweries were arrested for Ambush Marketing by aggresive FIFA officials and had to post R10,000 bond and have their hotelsrooms searched. Only Budweiser is allowed in the stadiums. GO LOOK at THE FIFA BOX and see how many FIFA officials are wearing their own watches and not the official brand!!! 

    One enterprising local artist in Cape Town is so annoyed at FIFA that he has designed his own T shirt to sell with FICK FUFA on it!! stop him and buy one.He won't accept FIFA VisaCard only cash.