Posted: 4/23/2010


      You probably wouldn't buy a used car from the guy, but he was a very good coach-and much more. Terry Venables has had an interesting career, both on and off the field. He played for Chelsea, Tottenham, Queens Park Rangers, Crystal Palace and wrote a decent soccer novel, 'They Used to Play on Grass',in 1973. He earned the nick name 'El Tel' while in Barcelona.

    He coached Barcelona to the European Cup Final after signing Gary Lineker and Mark Hughes, and England plus Leeds, Tottenham, Middlesborough, Crystal Palace, Queens Park Rangers and Australia. He can sing a bit, and I was pleasantly suprised to see him star in a TV commercial for 'The Sun' newspaper singing IF I CAN DREAM, previously sung by Elvis Presley. He was backed by a choir that included Harry Redknapp and Ian Wright and by The London Philhamonic Orchestra. It was his real voice and finished with 'Maybe, just Maybe!! about the chances of The Three Lions winning their second FIFA World Cup in July.

    I once spend 12 hours in Keflavic Airport near Reyklavic in Iceland in mid winter after a delay in a NYC-Glasgow flight on Icelandic Airlines. I should have had a day time tour but the flight was delayed half a day and I saw nothing in the dark. What else can we blame Iceland for? Well, their funny egg head owner screwed up West Ham United with his lavish dream, and the country itself almost went must. The recent eruption of 'their' volcano, Eyjafjallakokull,  messed up European's travel plans for a week or more and now European airports are open again, Keflavic is closed. Serves them right.

   We had Liverpool, Fulham, Barcelona and Lyon driving long distances by luxury coach and train to play their first leg matches, and nothing is decided.Well, I have hitched hiked much long distances as a student, with some nights spent in a barn, a bus shelter and by the roadside. There will be some exciting conclusions in the 2nd legs in London, Liverpool, Barcelona and Lyon next week with ehe finals set for Hamburg and Madrid in May.

    Most suprising was the home win in San Siro for Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho over defending champions Barca. No club has won back to back Champions League titles and Inter Milan are favourites returning to the Camp Nou.