Posted: 3/17/2010


       Turku, Finland never had it so famous when David Beckham flew in from Milan for his 50 minute achilles tendon operation. I have been there a couple of times, and travelled on the ferry from Nortalje, Sweden and another time back to Stockholm, but I never got that sort of coverage.

      Last night Victoria Beckham flew by private jet from London Heathrow after a trans-Atlantic flight, to see and encourage her husband and soul mate.  They might have been discussing where he should put his next tattoo in honour of the physician Dr. Sakaru Orava, who might save his career. Achilles heel was named after pretty boy Achilles, Greek hero of the Trojan war who was only brought down by an arrow to his heel.

     Back in London at Stamford Bridge, The Special One. Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho showed why he is special, as his Internazionale team(without any Italians) knocked his former club Chelsea out of the Champions League.

       I don't usually apologize, but I would like to say a nice word or two about retired Football League Chairman Lord Wawhinney. He has tried to steady the ship and bring in much needed powers to prevent the three divisions below the Premier League self distructing. Teams have been docked up to 30 points and suffered relegation if they haven't kept their house in financial order.   He still believes that the present system is not sustainable, with some clubs spending 85% of their income on players salaries.  His last act was to get a new sponsor title sponsor to replace Coca-Cola. 21 million until season 2012-13. He could have got more from gambling, but these  gaming companies are not good for the community.

      The new Chairman is Greg Clarke, a Leicester City fan who lost 500,000 that he invested in City a few years back. He has made lots of money overseas and stated that he will receive 150,000 a year, what some players earn in not more than a week.  "20 million blokes would kill for this job" he stated.

      Today was a happy day. I spent the afternoon in the grand City of York, one of my favourites, with its majestic Minster(cathedral), its Roman artifacts and its medieval wall and entrance gates. I strolled into St. Sampsons Square to the sound of tenor John Innes singing Nessum Dorma (none shall sleep), from Puccini's opera Turandot, made famous by Luciano Pavorotti at Italia '90. Then he and brother Maurie ,who is a big band singer, joined for a duet of 'My Way, in Italian and English. They were raising money for wounded army veterans on this St. Patricks Day.

     I popped into John's Sandwich Bar and bought a hog roast and a baked potato, with gravy, apple sauce and crackling( roasted pigs stomach) for 2.50 and sat in the sun outside the Roman Bath Tavern. Underneath the pub you can go visit the actual 2,000 year old Roman Baths that still survive.